Predictions for WWE Payback

This Sunday, the WWE will proudly present the Payback pay-per-view for just the fifth time. The event will showcase fallout from WrestleMania as well as some fresh feuds stemming from the superstar shakeup. When you really dig through some of this card it really presents itself as an interesting pay-per-view...

How to Legitimize a Jinder Mahal Push

Last week on Smackdown, the WWE performed a bit of shock and awe on the universe when Jinder Mahal stood victorious and became the number one contender. If there is one thing that the WWE universe is good for it is wearing their emotions on their sleeve and that was...

If They Were In WWE Today: John Morrison

John Morrison was a busy old guy in WWE. He was first seen on Tough Enough, that old reality programme that brought us stars like The Miz, Josh Matthews (great) and…. Maven (the one who eliminated the Undertaker from the Royal Rumble that time). Basically, what I’m trying to say...

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