Superstar Shakeup Winners and Losers

The much anticipated superstar shakeup has officially come and gone and the WWE landscape is looking a little different. Granted, a lot of success is based upon what WWE officials have in mind for a character but it is also about thriving in a new environment. With the dust settling on the shakeup, Wrestling News Pro is looking to pick some of the superstars who are better off or worse off as a result of the moves made.


Alexa Bliss

Some superstars are moved with the intent of bolstering a depleted roster but some are moved to see if they can thrive in new opportunities. Bliss is the latter.  Reports had made the circles throughout the internet that Bliss was gaining some backstage heat for underperforming. This move is a clear indication that those reports couldn’t be further from the truth. The two time Smackdown Woman’s champion being moved to the flagship show is a clear indication that WWE officials are ready to see if Miss.Bliss can excel on the main show as well as she did on the blue brand. Her introduction came as she interrupted Bayley and Sasha’s segment on the Shakeup edition of RAW. It is also worth noting that Team Rude may become a thing on RAW as Nia Jax and Bliss shared a look on the ramp on Monday. RAW being much more centered around cutting promos really allows her to spread her wings as a heel. This is a true test to see if she is the real deal.

Sami Zayn

The underdog from the underground was one of my picks to be moved and is probably one of my favorite moves made from the past two days. Much like how Bliss could thrive in a promo-centric RAW, Zayn could really have an opportunity to blossom on a blue brand that is all about putting on quality wrestling matches. Look no further than his first match on the blue brand since being moved as he was in a triple threat match with the AJ Styles and Baron Corbin. While Zayn was unsuccessful in the match he looked as if he had been wrestling with his two fellow competitors for months now. That is the kind of worker that Zayn is and the opportunities on the blue brand as opposed to RAW seem much more achievable for this star. Just a side note here, the Money in the Bank ppv is listed as a Smackdown show and this writer feels as if that is a prime opportunity for a guy like Zayn to hit his mark.

The Shield

Really it is the WWE universe that are winners in all of this. The Shield members are all back together on the same show. While Reigns is despised beyond belief by most fans he is still listed as being a face. Ambrose and Rollins both being big time faces as well means that there is the possibility of them joining forces once more. WWE will likely tease it every now and again to make the fans lose their minds but it will be interesting to see if they actually decide to put them together at all. Within the Shield, the real winner would be Roman Reigns as it is probably one of the few ways to keep fans from booing him incessantly. The one that is certain is that if they do join forces once more, no announcer table is safe.



The Miz

The thought had been that the Miz was on an upward trend that could have landed him in a summertime championship program. The move to RAW will murky those waters a little bit as the caliber of names on the flag ship show is steep. While total bella bullshit was fun, it will be nice to see the Miz begin to transition away from dressing up as John Cena and back to being the suit and tie most must see superstar. The Miz went from being the biggest heel on Smackdown to a fish in shark infested waters on RAW. All the power to him but I find it hard to believe that the Miz is going to emerge over the likes of Rollins, Balor, Reigns, and Ambrose.

Baron Corbin

Winners and losers aren’t just deemed for those who switched shows. The lone wolf found himself entrenched in an all out war with the Intercontinental champion until out of nowhere, Ambrose was moved to RAW. Makes some wonder why their street fight at the Smackdown after Mania couldn’t have been for the title. This move likely isn’t a negative reflection on Corbin himself and will hopefully continue to be used in big spots. Despite all of that though this is a disappointing development for Corbin and his fans. The one positive side of things for Corbin though is with Wyatt and Miz both headed to RAW along with Styles becoming a babyface, it allows Corbin to establish himself as one of the top heels on the blue brand.


This one is pretty short and sweet. Charlotte Flair has arrived on the blue brand. As of this writing, the next Smackdown pay-per-view event is 39 days away. That right there is Naomi’s doomsday clock because the Queen is coming. I’m not saying that she is going to fade into blue brand obscurity but this definitely isn’t the best news for her title run. If nothing else this will be a test for Naomi to see how she’ll fair in a program with the Queen who is clearly the franchise player within Women’s wrestling today.

At the end of the day I think that we the fans are the winners here. We have a lot of great feuds that can come out of this. It will be fun to watch all of that unfold! Stay tuned for more pieces to come from Wrestling News Pro on what those future feuds might be!

Writing Credit goes to: Michael Hauff

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