Why you should come back to WWE

Written by: Michael Hauff (GiancarloH57)

For my first piece here on the GTS report, I wanted to address those who used to watch pro wrestling but have since left. So if you are one of those folks and have decided to give this a read, keep an open mind for a paragraph or two. This should hopefully serve as a useful tool for wrestling fans to try and convert their skeptical friends. Chances are those who have left only remember the days of Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, or Bret Hart. If you were born in the 70’s or 80’s then you were likely caught up in the wave that was professional wrestling. Your wrestling buddies are likely long gone and you probably can’t name a wrestler in the ring today besides John Cena. Guys like Roddy Piper had attitude while the Ultimate Warrior had enough adrenaline to fill a DMV with enthusiasm. Watching wrestling was the cool thing to do at one point. You might feel that some of those types of personalities don’t exist anymore and that the magic is gone. You may also figure that there is no sense in returning because you’ve missed so much and would not know anybody at this point. What would be the difference between that and picking up on a television show and binge watching it on Netflix? Once you open yourself up to something, the awkwardness of a fresh start fades pretty quickly. Regardless of why you left or why you are second guessing coming back to the product, here are some reasons why you should come back.


Plain and simple, people love athleticism. They marvel at it and wonder how it could be done with such ease. It is similar to how people say that football or baseball players are so much more athletic than the players that came before them. That sort of comparison and athleticism is showcased during WWE programming on a regular basis. No matter if they are 5’10 or 6’8, these athletes move quickly and with ease. Flipping high in the air and even diving through the ropes is done with the snap of a finger. If I’m able to guarantee anything in this piece it’s that you will be surprised at the way these athletes on the larger size can move.

More Affordable

WWE has had pay-per-views for a long time now. How many of us used to sit by a snowy screened television while desperately trying to move around the antenna to just listen to a pay-per-view. Most folks remember the days when a pay-per-view would cost $30 dollars a piece. It had gotten to a point where these pay per view events would happen on a monthly basis so that could have potentially resulted in $360 of your hard earned money spent on PPV. They now have the WWE network which gives you access to PPV events for around $10 a month. That would mean that the network would have you spending less than half of what you would pay in the past. The WWE network is more than just a way to access the PPV events as it is practically a wrestling video library. It allows you access to every PPV that the WWE,WCW, and ECW has had. You also have the opportunity to watch every Monday Night Raw and every Smackdown that have aired. Were you one of those types that stopped watching once the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin left? You sit down and spend a rainy day watching them in the squared circle. They also have new programming of all different kinds that really gives the viewers a chance to get to know these wrestlers on a more personal level. This makes a fan more emotionally invested in particular wrestlers which always helps the success of a product.

Women are equal

The women of wrestling in the past had predominately been known as nothing more than an accessory to a male wrestler walking down the aisle. If they weren’t accompanying a wrestler down the aisle, then they’d be wearing as little as possible and doing something risqué to make folks hoot and holler. Those days are long gone as women have made awe inspiring leaps and bounds. Women now have significantly more screen time than ever before and put on matches that rival the men. If you remember Ric Flair and liked him in the ring, you should get a look at his daughter Charlotte. She is unquestionably one of the most gifted women to enter a wrestling ring and the rest of the female locker room isn’t far behind. These women today are as talented in the ring as they are good looking and it has become a big part of WWE’s recent success. If you need an example, feel free to watch the Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 32 and see how the Women stole the show.

Still a soap opera

People love drama. Folks will watch television shows for the ups, downs, twists, and turns of a story. Even if you’re frustrated with a show you’ll still tune in just to see where they’re headed. Wrestling has always been a bit of a soap opera and that still holds true today. A lot of WWE programming is devoted towards building a story between competitors and you’re able to watch that story unfold from week to week. The characters in which these athleres play are more ground and not as fantastical as they once were. The cheesy gimmicks aren’t as common but the grand spectacle that keeps fans riveted remains. This helps make stories more ground and serious rather than silly and fantastical. There is no season finales as WWE doesn’t have an off-season. The ability that WWE has to entertain is truly undeniable. 

Fun for the kids

Chances are that if you used to watch wrestling and havent comeback just yet then you’re likely in your late twenties or thirties. Being in that age range means you could very well have some children of your own now. If that is the case, it is good to know that WWE is more of a family oriented product these days. More and more children show up to events with their parents to see the shows. Much of the merchandise these days are geared towards kids as they want to emulate their favorite superstar. There isn’t all the blood splatter and sexual content of the past. Occasionally they’ll push the envelope here and there, but generally the WWE is a grand spectacle of sports entertainment that can really captivate a youngster. The rise of women in the industry has also opened the door for a younger generation of girls to watch the product and enjoy it. The WWE always does an amazing job of embracing their young fan base and especially those who are suffering from cancer and diseases. Look no further than Connor the Crusher. 

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