Turning Dean Ambrose Heel

It’s finally happened! After weeks of teasing the WWE universe, Ambrose and Rollins have joined forces. It came at the expense of the RAW tag team champions and now, two-thirds of the Shield will be fighting for tag team gold at SummerSlam.

All seems to be right in the world for the Shield fan. But while they begin to exhale, with images of powerbombs and tag team titles dancing in their heads, could WWE have a trick up its sleeve? Given the internet being the monster that it is, it’s hard to pull the wool over a wrestling fan’s eyes. Never the less, the WWE thrives on delivering on the mantra that ‘anything can happen in the WWE’.

They have done it with monumental moments in the past. Take for example the Undertaker’s streak ending, or Seth Rollins cashing in at WrestleMania 31. They even surprised us all on a lesser scale this summer when Samoa Joe became the number one contender to the Universal title. It isn’t probable but it is also not impossible, the WWE can deliver us a surprise at SummerSlam. With the exception of an Undertaker return, the WWE can pull off one of the biggest surprises of the show by having Dean Ambrose turn heel.

Is Ambrose, the lunatic fringe, ready to become unhinged?

It is an interesting take but a logical one at the same time. To backtrack a little bit, Dean Ambrose hasn’t been the easiest superstar to turn heel. For one, people love him. He may not be a superstar that is tied to being a high seller of merchandise among kids but, there aren’t many people that don’t enjoy his sarcastic and loopy manner.

Another reason that turning Ambrose heel hasn’t seemed all that easy in the past is that up until the last week or so, Ambrose didn’t have something or someone to turn on. He’s a loose cannon that marches to beat of his own drum. Since his split up with the Shield, he really hasn’t had too many friends. A heel turn wouldn’t have worked as well on Roman Reigns because, well, people don’t like Roman. If anything, the fans would love Ambrose more. Oh, and if you’re thinking of James Ellsworth, that doesn’t count. However, he now has a friend in Rollins. As the WWE universe has their proverbial head in the clouds over this Shield reunion, what better way to send the hopeful fans crashing down to earth than to break their hearts at the climax of the summer.

A reason why this is a good time to do this is the WWE storylines. Every summer in the past, the WWE would roll out a juicy story that would captivate fans throughout the summer. A prime example would be years ago when Wade Barrett and the Nexus formed and annihilated everything in its path. The Jason Jordan angle can’t be the big summer storyline. It didn’t translate to the fans at all. Granted, August is later than usual for a storyline of this magnitude but it would definitely fit the bill as a major story.


If you want another reason why this is a good idea, you should look no further than the RAW roster itself. Each top heel on the roster has a bit of a weakness or issue that is really holding them back from being that over the top heel. Someone who resembles a CM Punk or a younger Randy Orton. No, Brock Lesnar doesn’t count. I’m referring to superstars that are television regulars.

Samoa Joe is on his way to becoming the biggest heel and can solidify that with a Universal title victory this Sunday. For now, Joe is still in process of ascending to the top. Then you can take Braun Strowman who has become a victim of his own success in a way. With fans feeling the way they do about Roman Reigns, Strowman has found himself cheered more than jeered in 2017. He was even made to look like a victim at the Great Balls of Fire pay per view. You remember, when Roman Reigns had him in the back of the ambulance. Ask yourself, how often does WWE book their top heels to look like victims.

The other two sort of top heels on the red brand is Bray Wyatt and the Miz. Wyatt’s career booking has been consistently inconsistent. The way in which WWE chooses to use him is as erratic and baffling as his promos. With that in mind, it doesn’t matter how many times someone compares him to the Undertaker, it isn’t all that easy to anoint Wyatt the top heel spot.

Lastly would be the Miz who has done brilliantly for himself since the RAW after WrestleMania 32. That being said though, there hasn’t been a lot of top heels on the flagship show that is competing as the intercontinental champion.

This even helps Seth Rollins. The archetects face run has been as flat as a table top. Having Ambrose turn on Rollins really gives his character a serious program to sink his teeth in. This would put the drama level right back up there with his Triple H feud.

Some of us may love Ambrose as a face but none of us can deny that Ambrose would be an even better heel. A menacing madman that is unhinged, unapologetic, and wild will be great for WWE programming. His promos as a top heel would be absolutely electric.

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This weekend serves as WWE’s best opportunity to turn Ambrose heel since the Shield broke up. A beloved superstar such as Ambrose deserves a turn on a blockbuster show like SummerSlam. Imagine the gasp from the crowd when Ambrose doesn’t accept the tag from his partner. The next night on RAW, Ambrose can explain how he couldn’t forgive Rollins. He’ll say that Rollins is weak and the fans are just as weak for cheering for him. That is when the turn comes full circle.

This is crazy enough to work and this is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing. My prediction is that we’ll see it Sunday and even if we don’t, Ambrose’s ultimate turn will come at the expense of Seth Rollins. How else would this reunion end? Now is the time to turn Ambrose heel.

Writing credit goes to Michael Hauff

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