To Push or To Bury

Writing credit goes to: Nathan Sartain

In a time which is seeing the product WWE offers get better and better and new stars seemingly appearing from anywhere and everywhere, it is fair to say that there are some talented guys on the roster that don’t get their fair chance. With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of guys who I feel should either be pushed or buried completely. Whether you agree or not, hopefully you get some sort of enjoyment out of the list.

Shining Stars: Bury

Possibly the worst tag team I’ve ever had to endure, Primo and Epico were not entertaining as Los Matadores, were ok before that as Primo and Epico but nowadays they’re possibly the worst part of the tag team division. Replaceable and uninspiring, the Shining Stars should be nothing more than jobbers for the foreseeable future.

Kalisto: Push, as a Cruiserweight

It’s fair to say Kalisto has had an up and down year and a half, putting on some entertaining matches, winning the US title and being tipped as the next Rey Mysterio by some optimistic fans. However, that’s all appeared to go down the drain recently, with his feud against Dolph Ziggler feeling very much stale from the get-go. Repackage him as a luchador Cruiserweight and we may finally see the potential this man has fulfilled.

Curtis Axel: Push

I’ll happily put it out there, I like Curtis Axel. I think he’s smooth in the ring, entertaining and has the skills on the mic necessary of a great midcarder. Give Axel the chance to grab that brass ring, and that’s exactly what he’ll do. In an ideal world, I’d move him to Smackdown and put him straight into the IC title picture, potentially making him the next star of the mid card.

Curt Hawkins: Bury

It is time to face the facts (pun intended), Hawkins just isn’t entertaining. He may have been dealt a suicide gimmick, but the fact of the matter is he’s just not convincing as anything more than a jobber. WWE has completely ruined him at this point, so it’s best you keep him as an unlovable loser.

Apollo Crews: Push

Although he’s about as entertaining on the mic as watching TNA these days, Apollo Crews has a great look, is agile and can be very entertaining in the ring. Just watch him during his NXT days, he was as over as anyone with his gimmick just being the guy that put on a show. Take him back to this, put him over on RAW and you’ve got yourself a good midcarder who when defeated, makes sure whoever the victor is gets momentum from it.

Titus O’Neil: Push or Bury

After changing my mind on this so many times, it came to my attention that I in fact don’t care for Titus O’Neil at all. So push him, bury him, it doesn’t really matter. Chances are I won’t invest in him, and chances are everyone else watching won’t either.

Bo Dallas: Push

Wasted potential, that is the current description of Bo Dallas. However, there is one way you can turn that wasted potential into bags of momentum, and that is moving him to Smackdown and joining up with his brother Bray. I’m not alone either, just check out our podcast on the Superstar Swaps. He could be the slimy heel the Wyatt’s need, picking up cheap victories, garnering an abundance of heat down to his excellent mic skills and being the perfect shape to be the easy target for any person targeting Bray himself. Put him in this role, give him a run with the IC title, and you’ve just made Bo believable again. Bolieve that.

James Ellsworth: Destroy

He’s old, stale and plain boring now. Make him lose every match he ever ends up in, release him, please just get him off my TV screen.

Aiden English: Push

Why not? English was talented enough on his own in NXT, and with Gotch now released from WWE, you could convert him to his old gimmick and give him a solid push going over the rest of the lower-card guys. An ideal first feud would be him going over against Mojo Rawley AKA the polar opposite of English, but given WWE is high on Mojo, chances are that won’t be happening any time soon.


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