Cashing in on Baron Corbin

Originally the point of this piece was to showcase potential superstars that could take part in this years money in the bank match in June. With money in the bank being a Smackdown show this year, the list of names were impressive but one name continuously stood out among the rest. The superstar that stood out the most to me is Baron Corbin and it is my opinion that lone wolf should and will win the briefcase in his home state of Missouri.

Much to the delight of the NXT faithful, Corbin first made his presence felt on the main roster at WrestleMania 32 when he eliminated Kane to win the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. The next night on RAW he had a match with Dolph Ziggler that turned into a longstanding feud that would run close to the point in which he was drafted to Smackdown. Despite the quality of matches he had with Ziggler, the draft to Smackdown would see Corbin’s stock rise exponentially. Of the many highlights Corbin had on the blue brand in 2016, his most memorable match may have been at TLC in December when he won a hellacious chairs match against Kalisto. The one time Arizona Cardinal would not be pinned in a one on one televised match until January 10th against John Cena.

2017 hasn’t been all bad for Corbin though as he has really ascended towards the top of the Smackdown card. He has had matches with AJ Styles, the Miz, and a ferocious feud with the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose. Corbin’s feud with Ambrose took off at the Elimination Chamber when he costed Ambrose his chance at the heavyweight championship . The two superstars would go on to wrestle a WrestleMania kickoff show match but their rivalry really culminated with their non title street fight on the Smackdown after Mania. Corbin would be victorious in that street fight but unfortunately his Intercontinental title aspirations would go to RAW with Dean Ambrose as a result of the superstar shakeup. With the IC title slipping through his fingers and losing a number one contender match for the US title, there appears to be no title shot on the horizon. The money in the bank briefcase will fill the championship opportunity void that Corbin now finds himself in.

My prediction is that the money in the bank match itself will feature superstars such as Tye Dillinger, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, and Corbin himself. Of those participants we could see a scenario in which Dillinger or Zayn is thrown from the ladder by Corbin, spoiling that feel good moment for the WWE universe. That sort of broken hearted loss would allow for that superstar to feud with Corbin throughout the rest of the summer while we wait for the eventual cash in. Being the briefcase holder will continue his rise in exposure as well as time with cutting promos. At that point, Corbin will be a runaway train getting heat from the fans which will put him over even more so than he is now. This is my well thought out prediction but one that I feel is as plausible as it is deserved.

Winning that Money in the Bank match is the perfect way for Corbin to break through the proverbial glass ceiling that he has been knocking on. Everything from his entrance to his mannerisms suggests that he already has the swagger necessary to be a convincing champion. His in-ring capabilities is on the level of his Smackdown counterparts and is comparable to some of the versatile big men that have come before him. With the superstar shakeup shaking out the way that it has, Corbin now sits as one of the top heels on the blue brand and that will serve as yet another opportunity for him to standout. The upward trend is undeniable, Corbin is a future world champion sooner rather than later.

Writing credit goes to: Michael Hauff

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