The Miz Revival: The Most Must See Superstar


The date was November 22 of 2010 and Monday Night Raw was live from Orlando. A hobbled Randy Orton had just delivered an RKO to the leader of Nexus, Wade Barrett. Orton had been victorious and gingerly held up his championship as the WWE universe would celebrate. He then backpedalled to the corner of the ring to use the top rope as a crutch when suddenly, it happened.

That Miz yell of ‘Awesome’ would echo throughout the Amway Center as the crowd would almost groan. One of the most exciting traditions in the WWE was on the verge of happening. The money in the bank winner was about to cash in. Orton did the best he could but after an RKO was reversed into a skull crushing finale it was all over. The Miz was your WWE champion, and that infamous camera shot of the angry little girl would beautifully encompass the moment. Miz would go on to main event WrestleMania XXVII and on day 161 of his title reign he would drop the title to John Cena.

You can watch that Miz cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase by clicking here


The Miz from there would have several peaks and valleys without ever getting back to the proverbial mountain top. His revival and journey back to that mountain top would begin the day after WrestleMania 32. With his wife Maryse getting back on to WWE programming, the Miz would capture the Intercontinental title from Zack Ryder at the Raw after WrestleMania. This would lead to a truly stellar year as he would be drafted to Smackdown and have feuds with the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose.

He would also reignite his rivalry with Daniel Bryan which made his promos generate more and more heat. While superstars like AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt are considered to be heels, neither of them get the actual genuine heat from the fans that the Miz does. His promo work and stints on talking smack would elevate him towards the top of the Smackdown brand.

After all of that, April of 2017 for the Miz would somewhat mirror his April of 2011. He now finds himself on the WrestleMania card against his 2011 WrestleMania opponent, John Cena. The build up to their mixed tag encounter at WrestleMania has been promo cutting bliss for the fans. His crowning achievement in this WrestleMania program may have come when he set social media ablaze with Total Bellas Bull S***.



Some questioned if 2010 was the right time to put the WWE Championship on the Miz. No matter how over he was with the universe as a heel, his legitimacy as champ would continuously be called into question. A drawn out feud with a sixty year hall of famer in Jerry the King Lawler wouldn’t help his cause against his critics.

It has been about six years and four months since that November night on Raw and he has turned many of his critics. No matter what was handed to the Miz since the start of his revival he has made it well worth watching. That is what true professionals do and it is now unquestionably time for the Miz to reach that mountain top.

A full-time Miz needs this win more than a part-time John Cena 


Those who frequent the social media sites are well aware that John Cena will ultimately be taking some time off to head to Hollywood after WrestleMania. Plain and simple, a full-time Miz needs a WrestleMania victory more than a part-time John Cena does. It really serves no purpose to either superstar to have John Cena come out on top. Nikki Bella and John Cena will pull off their usual repertoire of moves but at the end of this match it should be the Miz pinning Cena.

A pinfall victory without a rockbottom controversy like his WrestleMania XXVII encounter with Cena would speak volumes. The story could almost write itself as John Cena could return around SummerSlam time to avenge his WrestleMania loss and challenege the Miz.

The Smackdown after this year’s WrestleMania will emanate from the Amway Center in Orlando. Imagine the Miz, coming off of one of the biggest WrestleMania victories of his career and walking into the arena where it all began. Back in the same building where he won the championship all those years ago. Randy Orton, the man in which the Miz defeated for the title back in 2010 could be the newly crowned champion.

He may not have a briefcase to cash in on that Tuesday night, but he does have one hell of a revival to cash in on. With the exception of AJ Styles, the self proclaimed most must see superstar in WWE history has had the best 2016-2017 stretch of any other male superstar in the company. It is high time that the Miz plants his flag on the mountain top and once again become WWE champion. The Miz revival is real. 

Writing credit goes to: Michael Hauff

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