SummerSlam Predictions

We are just days away from one of the biggest events of the summer, SummerSlam. The Barclays Center in Brooklyn is just an hour train ride away from my humble oboe and will host four days of live WWE action. Let’s kick off my SummerSlam predictions with the match that will kick things off.

The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan will go up against The Miztourage. Let’s keep this one short and sweet. This is a fun match to get the crowd going and a way to get 6 superstars on the card. Smart move by WWE booking Jason Jordan with such fan favorites like The Hardy Boyz. I expect The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan to take this one. I’ll even predict the pinfall as it’ll be Jason Jordan getting the pin over Bo Dallas.

Next up will be Neville as he immediately cashes in his title rematch clause verse Tozawa. Look for Tozawa to retain because I see bigger and better things for the King of the Cruiserweights. Perhaps something like an intercontinental title run. Wrestling News Pro has been calling for a run like this for a while and you can read that piece by clicking here. Regardless of the outcome, this match will be one of the better one of the card.

Randy Orton vs Rusev will be facing off in singles action. It seems like Vince threw these two together just to fill up some time on the card. I think Orton will win for two reasons. One is that I believe the ship has sailed on making Rusev a contender, thanks in large part to Mr. John Cena. Reason number two is Orton needs a win after his 3-month program with Jinder Mahal. This match will be a great opportunity for anyone to grab a beer or take a bathroom break.

The next match we’ll take a look at on the card is Big Cass against the Big Show. Cass’ former partner Enzo Amore, will be hanging from a shark cage. Remember back when CM Punk shook the WWE universe with his on-air shoot and talked about the anti-bullying campaign? Before he could get started, his mic was magically shut off. Must have been something to all of that as the infamous dirt sheets are reporting that Enzo is afraid of heights and Vince wants to punish him by dangling him high above the ring. Seems strange to preach anti-bullying and then pull a stunt like this. Now that I vented, look for Big Cass to get the win with Enzo somehow accidentally costing Big Show the big win.


The Smackdown tag-team champs, The New Day will face off against The Usos. The tag-team division on the blue brand seems non-existent at the moment. I’ve never been a fan of The Usos and for that reason, I call for New Days to retain. Not too much otherwise to discuss for this match. Just some clapping, hip shaking, and feel good moments for the kids.

The Smackdown Women’s Title will feature the Brock Lesnar of Smackdown, Naomi. What I mean by that is that she defends the belt just as often as Brock does, which is rarely. Going off the reports I’ve read, and if I was betting man, my money would be on Naomi getting a submission win over Natalya. Apparently, Vince and the suits backstage want to shove some light up title belts down the throats of kids.

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss is the Women’s match that everyone should be looking forward to. RAW Women’s champion Alexa Bliss has excelled on the mic and furthermore as a heel. While she may not be the best in ring technician in the business, she is certainly fun to watch, and also good to look at. I would think Sasha would have been champ by now if they had faith in her. By no means am I knocking her, Sasha is a great talent. I just don’t see how she walks away with the strap. Maybe a cheap DQ or count-out win to save face is my guess. That seems to be the old school heel run that Miss.Bliss is on.

Just reviewing my picks and how many matches there are left to predict, my god this is a big card! Reminds me of the WrestleMania days in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Next up on the itinerary is John Cena vs Baron Corbin. Corbin must have done something bad to cash his MITB on the Smackdown before Summerslam. Either that or they lost faith in him as a top dog. The smart thing to do would have been to have him cash it in unsuccessfully at a house show as a way to bump up house show attendance. That along with AJ Styles US title win at Madison Square Garden would further prove the mantra that anything can happen in the WWE. Anyways, John Cena, the face of the franchise will pick up the pinfall victory in the center of the ring and then go off to do a tv or film project. This sort of outcome will send Corbin into a useless tailspin of feuds to fill air time.

The Demon King will make his triumphant return to Brooklyn and will square off against the Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt. This has the potential to be the show stealer. However, I don’t understand the point of having this match on Raw right before SummerSlam. Honestly, I don’t understand a lot of the booking prior to SummerSlam but that’s just me. It will be exciting to see a Demon King appearance since the last one was Summerslam 2016 when Finn defeated Seth Rollins to become Universal Champion. Bray Wyatt is like Rusev of RAW. He has so much potential yet the WWE continuously chooses not to push him.

I would love to see Finn get into a title program versus the winner of the fatal four-way. Finn donning the Demon King persona may be the solution to put him in the title picture. Expect a fantastic match as always from these two, with Finn picking up the win. What would be next for Bray after this most likely is a program with Roman Reigns.

Cesaro and Sheamus will defend their tag titles against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. I definitely don’t see Rollins and Ambrose winning the titles because you don’t want to lock up two of your biggest stars in the tag division. I see Cesaro and Sheamus picking up a win with a foreign object being used behind the refs back. Then Ambrose and Rollins reunion will clearly get a big pop and maybe will tease a Shield reunion for Survivor Series. You can read our pros and cons to a Sheild reunion by clicking here.

Three matches left and my favorite of the night is next. AJ Styles going up against Kevin Owens. We all know these two can put on a great match. My prediction is the wildcard, Shane McMahon will turn heel and cost AJ Styles the US title. It serves as a way to have Styles drop the belt while still looking strong. Either way, AJ Styles is about to embark on a journey to the main event spot. The ultimate destination for Styles is a possible Rumble win and a showdown at WrestleMania verse Shinsuke Nakamura.

That is nice little segway into the Smackdown title match that Nakamura has against the champion, Jinder Mahal. Let’s not forget that this is a match that Wrestling News Pro had predicted back in the spring. This program, just like Mahal’s title run, has been uneventful. Sounds like WWE is not drawing the numbers in India that they hoped for when making Mahal champ. With all that in mind, Nakamura will pick up the win. I see Mahal demanding his rematch on Smackdown only to be attacked by Corbin as the Lone Wolf will try to leapfrog back into the title picture. Mahal and Corbin will battle it out over the next few months but don’t be surprised to see Owens weasel his way to the top of the card.

Finally, the fatal four-way main event. It will have four contenders that the WWE has gone to great lengths to make look strong as of late. Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Stroman will attempt to dethrone the Beast in Brooklyn. My pick to win this epic encounter will be Samoa Joe. My thoughts are Jon Bones Jones will cost Brock Lesnar the title as a way to get Brock off WWE programming and build his potential mega fight with Jones. We all know how much WWE has been flirting with UFC stars.

Much like my outcome for the US title match, this will keep everyone else in the match looking strong. The WWE is waiting until Mania to put the belt on Roman. So Roman is out of the question here. Braun I think has a chance to win the title but my gut feeling continues to say, Samoa Joe.

I hope everyone enjoys SummerSlam and I myself will be looking to attend either the Raw or Smackdown afterward. Adios everyone, until next time!

Writing credit goes to ATL Mike

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