A Braun Strowman Petition Rant

So let me get this straight…

Folks want to boo Roman Reigns endlessly. They’re frustrated at Vince McMahon’s determination to make Reigns ‘The Guy’. The reject it with every fiber of their being. It is almost uncool to say in public that you root for Roman Reigns. It gets so ugly that the night after WrestleMania, Roman Reigns stands in the ring for ten minutes or so and is able to get just five words out. Granted five words was all he needed but still.

One week after that hellacious boofest, Roman Reigns is given a beating that rivals or perhaps even surpasses his WrestleMania 31 beat down from Brock Lesnar. He is attacked over and over again. He is wheeled off a truck bay while being on a stretcher. Once he is finally wheeled onto an ambulance. Braun Strowman proceeds to take that ambulance and tip it over! I was in that crowd that night on RAW and fans were elated. Chanting ‘Thank you Braun’ and feeling vindicated. I covered some of this in a piece about ‘Brilliantly Booking Braun’.

Fast forward to a few days later and folks are passing around online petitions to put Braun Strowman on the unemployment line. Are we being serious right now? Somebody please tell me this is a work because otherwise I’m lost. Is this just people complaining to complain are we genuinely confused?

This just shows you how misguided the boo birds are and I referenced this in a piece about ‘Why you should chill with booing Roman Reigns’. Truth be told the fans no longer know what they want. They wanted Daniel Bryan to win the 2015 Royal Rumble.  The ‘Yes’ movement wanted Daniel Bryan to win everything in god’s creation and when he was eliminated from that Rumble, the city of Brotherly Love made throwing snowballs at Santa seem like a pillow fight. After Roman Reigns won that Rumble the crowd gave him unwavering hell. Not even the jabroni beating and pie eating icon the Rock could save the day.

So basically this is a temper tantrum that is running on 809 days now. Either that or it is just as I suspected and booing Reigns has become the trendy thing to do. It’s like chanting ‘what’. You’re just doing it cause that’s what you’re suppose to do.

Basically what I’m saying is, make up your minds. If you’re going to give Roman grief every night of his professional life then your signature should not be on any petition about firing Braun. It’s probably the most hypocritical and comical thing going on in the wrestling world today.

You can all say that he can’t wrestle or that his gimmick is lame but both of those aspects of his game were completely fine when he was shattering announcer tables with the Shield. Let’s just call this what it is and say that the Reigns Resistance is an 809 (and unfortunately on going) day temper tantrum because of Daniel Bryan.

Will those outraged folks who are passing around these petitions cheer for Roman Reigns when he shows his face on RAW again? I would bet that they will still boo beyond belief. So, put down the petition and back away. Braun isn’t getting fired and you still dislike Roman Reigns for half hearted reasoning.

That is my rant and I thank you for reading.

Writing credit goes to: Michael Hauff 

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