A Shield Reunion: The Pros and Cons

The last couple of weeks have seen an uneasy alliance between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The two superstars would ultimately get through their issues and sealed it with a fist bump. The former brothers turned bitter enemies have seen themselves teaming opposite the Miz and his Miztourage and now, they are on a collision course with the Raw tag team champions, Sheamus and Cesaro at this year’s SummerSlam.

This mini Shield reunion has led to whispers of a full on reunion with Roman Reigns down the line (possibly as soon as he is finished challenging for the Universal title at Summerslam). The possibility of a Shield reunion would excite many fans, but people may also be hesitant to see The Hounds of Justice on the same side of the ring again. In this article we will look at some of the Pros and Cons of the Shield getting back together.

Pro: Fans Love a Reunion

Wrestling fans are a nostalgic breed of people and generally if a classic tag team or stable reunite the crowd reacts positively. D-Generation X and Evolution serve as two prime examples of well received reunions. The moment “Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta, Shield” hits the PA system, crowds would erupt.

The three superstars are also much bigger stars than they were during Shield’s initial run. With that in mind, a reunion would be monumental and a major draw. This would be particularly helpful if the likes of Brock Lesnar and other part time superstars are missing in action.

Con: Too Soon?

As much as fans would love to see Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose on the same team again, there is a sense of, is it too soon for a reunion. The split only happened 3 years ago and is still fresh in the memories of many, with Rollins only really finding his footing as a babyface now after a year of him redeeming his actions from 2014.

The reunions of Evolution and DX mentioned above happened years after the initial splits. That time apart gave the fans plenty of time to grow to miss the stables before the inevitable reunion. A Shield reunion would play well regardless but like a fine wine, waiting longer could make it even bigger.

Pro: Keeps them Relevant

Before Ambrose and Rollins started teaming again they were both stuck in a rut. Ambrose was in a never ending feud with the Miz over the Intercontinental title. Rollins meanwhile, found himself on the losing end of a lacklustre programme with Bray Wyatt. Both men were going nowhere fast and treading water.


However, the potential reunion angle has injected life into both men. The chemistry that made the Shield a breakout faction is fully on display.

Roman Reigns will also need something to do after the Universal Title match at Summerslam. This is assuming he doesn’t win of course. There are other options for him such as a full on feud with Samoa Joe but something like that could be easily saved for down the line.

Con: Roman Reigns

As mentioned above, Roman Reigns is currently in a programme for the Universal Title and depending on how Summerslam plays out, he could be involved in the title picture for a while. Simply put, Roman is a far bigger priority than both Rollins and Ambrose. He is the main guy in the company and they may not even be willing to put him back in a confining stable.

Another problem with a potential reunion involving Reigns is that he is so divisive and regularly gets a chorus of boos. It could have a negative impact if the Shield was to reunite. The last thing the company would want is one of its most popular stables getting an unwanted heel reception.

The final issue with any reunion in regards to Reigns is he pretty much hasn’t changed since the initial split up. Rollins and Ambrose both changed their character, ring gear and entrance music, whereas Reigns has kept their theme song, gear and even kept coming through the crowd up until last year. Any reunion with the original theme and gear would just make the Rollins and Ambrose look like Reigns’ sidekicks. The group could lose the “all for one” dynamic that made them popular in the first place.

Pro: Slay the Beast

Now this idea is entirely hypothetical but one possibility for any reunion for the Shield would be to bring down Brock Lesnar and relieve him of the Universal Title.

Lesnar is currently in the middle of one of the most dominant runs in WWE history. Apart from the blips against Goldberg, Lesnar has been untouchable and no one man can bring him down, so why not three?

The Shields mantra was always to deliver justice. Many would agree there is no bigger injustice in the WWE than a man who comes and goes as he pleases. Not regularly defending one of the company’s top titles is indeed a crime.

The trio could all take shots at Lesnar to attempt to get the title from the Beast. The obvious choice to finally win the title would be Reigns. The group could even have a variation of the Freebird rule where all three men would be eligible to defend the title. Crazier things have happened.

Con: Not a lot of competition

The Shield made their name with high profile feuds and 6 man tag matches. They did it against factions such as the Wyatts and Evolution. They defeated Dream teams” featuring high profile singles stars such as John Cena. Right now, there are not a lot of factions that would serve as a classic feud if the Shield reunited. The Miztourage is the only full-fledged stable on Raw at the moment but Rollins and Ambrose have already dispatched of them.

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It makes little sense for that to be revisited. A cross brand battle against the New Day would certainly be appealing but would only realistically happen at a Big Four PPV. A Finn Balor lead Bullet Club Reunion could be a perfect feud if things were kept to Raw. However this would require Gallows and Anderson to build up more credibility than they have at the moment.

There is always the option of feuding with standard tag teams such as the Revival or (hopefully) The Broken Hardyz. Part of the appeal of a Shield reunion is the return of their classic 6 man tag team matches.

Overall there are plenty of reasons for and against a Shield reunion. The Rollins and Ambrose alliance could be a simple placeholder for both men. Perhaps it is a way for management to keep them fresh without knowing what to do with them. However, as long as they are on the same roster, a Hounds of Justice reunion will be discussed. It may happen soon or it may happen down the line, but the Shield will be back sooner or later.

Writing credit goes to Jake O’Reilly

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