No Mercy: Why Roman Reigns Needs to Win

John Cena vs Roman Reigns

Tonight, the Staples Center will be jampacked with anticipation. With SummerSlam now in the rearview, the WWE universe might have suspected that No Mercy would be a lackluster card. WWE must be trying to keep us on our toes as we have two matches tonight with a big fight feel. They have thrown around words like WrestleMania caliber and that isn’t far from the truth.

One of those two matches is the living legend John Cena going toe to toe with Roman Reigns. It may not be the match that the WWE universe wants but make no mistake, this is the match that Vince McMahon wants to see. Their merchandise sales have been keeping the lights on in Stamford and to Vince, it’s his golden goose against his golden boy.

If there is one thing that John Cena delivers on in these big matches, it is the build up. Like Lebron James, when Cena is in the ring, he makes everyone around him better. No matter who you want to win in this matchup, it is undeniable that Cena has elevated Roman’s game on the mic. Regardless of who has won the war of words, Roman Reigns needs to win this match. Our other writer ATL Mike has a differing opinion and you can read his predictions by clicking here.

Like all big fights though, the time for talking is done! 

It is now time for the two superstars that are so often accused of having a sample sized move sets, to not just put on a show, but tell a story. It is a story of a legend going up against the next man up. This is the biggest match of Roman Reign’s career. Yes, I’m aware he just faced the Undertaker and I’ll get to that in a moment.

This match feels like the majority is siding with Cena. This writers opinion is that in the case of Roman Reigns, he is the freshest face to hate as he has been most recently shoved down our throats. It could be said that on top of Reigns stealing Cena’s spot as the top guy, he’s also stolen his spot as the most hated guy. Cena can spin whatever he likes, Roman Reigns has always been the beginning of the end for Cena’s Superman type of run.

Reigns’ encounter with the Undertaker was most definitely a high point but John Cena is a different ballgame. While Cena looks to be ready to embark on his transition to Hollywood, he isn’t injury riddled or ready to hang up his jean shorts. Reigns will need to earn this win.

Vince has had a tendency of stunting the growth of several superstars. Going that route tonight would be a mistake. This a match that Roman Reigns needs to win. It could be argued that he needs this win more than he did at WrestleMania against the Undertaker. He needs to keep the momentum going and that is why this is his most important match.

Even though the Undertaker already suffered a loss to Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, defeating the Deadman at the showcase of the immortals really put Reigns on another level. Walking into this match, that win against the Undertaker has him on a ‘no going back’ sort of scenario.

Since that win against the Undertaker, Reigns has referenced that win more than Jericho would drop the fact that he beat Austin and the Rock in the same night. There was a certain way in which Roman would walk after that win. It is his yard now. What does Roman Reigns do if he loses this match? He can’t exactly claim that it’s his yard when he’s losing clean to a part-timer. Not just any part-timer, a part-timer that can verbally destroy him for it. That will follow him and haunt him in every promo.

Reigns’ biggest critics hate to love his smugness. They feed off of it and John Cena winning this match only hinders that part of Reigns’ character. You don’t normally see a superstar defeat the Undertaker and John Cena clean in the same year. The reason you don’t normally see it is because it never happens. This only furthers that smugness from Reigns. That gives his supporters just as much fuel as his critics. It continues to propel Reigns to that level of wrestling stardom that is so seldom reached.

This match has a lot of parallels to John Cena’s WrestleMania 28 encounter with the Rock. We now know that Cena would come up short in that match only to get the better of the Rock a year later for the title. The only difference now is the list of part-timers is beginning to dwindle. You don’t have as much wiggle room to screw around with your top guy.

For years now, McMahon has used those aging superstars and put them over some of his younger talents. Vince McMahon giving Cena the win here is the equivalent of hitting the pause button on Reigns’ ascension. What true long-term benefit does that give McMahon going forward? Giving Reigns a win here shows that the company truly has their next top guy. A loss here for Reigns stunts the growth of the futures driving force.

Roman Reigns needs to and will win this match!

Writing credit goes to Michael Hauff
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