Paige Returns: 3 Potential Opponents

It has been a very long but time since we have seen Paige in a WWE ring. But thanks to a tweet from Paige herself, we now know that she is close to returning to the ring. Despite all the drama that has followed Paige along the way, the former Divas champion from across the pond could be ready for her return sooner rather than later.

If you’re looking for an article that’ll dive into the drama that has followed Paige, this isn’t the article for you. 

There is no doubt that the game has changed since Paige was last seen on WWE programming. Some may view this as a challenge to reintroduce herself as one of the more prominent figures in the Women’s division. If you have watch Paige wrestle, you’d know that shouldn’t be all that big of a problem and she now has a whole slew of talent to feud with.

It has been suggested as much that Paige will be resuming her WWE career on SmackdownLive. Unless there is some last-minute change, here are 3 potential opponents for the former Divas champion.


One would have to imagine that Paige’s return will be as a face. The majority of the WWE universe has been so fixated on her making her way back that’ll it would be a hard sell to immediately turn her heel. A feud like this serves a purpose in two different ways. First, it allows Paige to ease into her role on SmackdownLive. Secondly, it gives Carmella one of the few feuds that could elevate her without the title being involved.

This feud starts with Paige having her return promo being interrupted by Carmella. This will begin with Carmella letting Paige know that a lot has changed since she left. There is a new sherrif in town and it is the Queen of Staten Island. This feud can last over a handful of PPV events as it will elevate Carmella’s credibility until WWE feels the time is right for her to cash in.

Becky Lynch

Since she was the first ever SmackdownLive Women’s Champion, Lynch hasn’t fallen out of favor with the fans but hasn’t been that prominent of a figure in the division. She wouldn’t be involved in a title match unless there were 3 or more participants. When she was involved, she was the one likely being pinned.

Considering all of this, this could be an ideal way to turn Lynch heel. While the likelihood of this happening is unlikely, it would certainly make for good television and an even better series of matches.

Becky Lynch could be leading the welcoming committee for Paige only to turn her back on her shortly after. Lynch could claim that the attack is due to yet another Woman on the roster trying to leapfrog her. This is going to sound like an insult, even though it isn’t, but Becky Lynch could almost serve as the Dolph Ziggler to the Women’s division. She can welcome in a new talent only to attempt to cut her down. Her in-ring ability makes her a great choice to work with a returning star. The lass kicker really needs a good feud to sink her teeth into and this is one that would work well! This feud makes sense for both parties involved as the matches would be fantastic.


The last option is to immediately thrust Paige towards the top of the card and into the title picture. With the previously mentioned Lynch, the introduction of Charlotte came when Paige had her hands full with the Bella Twins. Being against what seemed to be insurmountable odds, Stephanie McMahon would introduce the 3 Women from NXT on RAW. From there, the Women’s division would undoubtedly never be the same.

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This is one feud in which Paige can teeter on that fine line between face and heel. It could start off as a happy return. Perhaps Paige would team up with Charlotte to take on some of the heels on the blue brand. Eventually, the jealousy of watching Charlotte getting the attention would be too much for her. We would then see the frustrated veteran in her come out. That since Charlotte was introduced to WWE programming, Paige was just tossed to the side. The feud is on from there as the two could tango for the title.

This could even work in the reverse in the sense that the eventual champion Charlotte could be irate over the idea that as the champ, she could be outshined by the returning Paige. Either way, this feud is instant magic and could be the best thing Charlotte has done since coming to the blue brand.

The main takeaway from each selection here is that Paige’s involvement makes them better. There aren’t many superstars who can do this but Paige always makes her opponents better. Anyone that forgot what she is capable of is surely in for a treat once she makes her return. This writer is happy to have Paige back and the rest of the WWE universe should feel the same.

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Writing credit: Michael Hauff 
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