Potential Moves in the Mix Up.

As per Vince McMahon at the Raw after WrestleMania, there will be a roster mixup in an effort to freshen things up a bit. This roster mixup will emanate from the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum on Long Island and yours truly will be in the building. It wasn’t made clear if this would be a draft format or trades but the potential of big names on the move allows for the fans and their imaginations to run wild. I don’t see this being a full fledged shift in talent as I think this is just a clever way for higher ups to move a few top superstars around. Here are a couple of guesses as to what superstars could be on the move this Monday.
AJ Styles to RAW?
I firmly believe that Styles will be one of the two biggest names among singles competitors that will be on the move. The rumors of superstars switching brands has been discussed for quite a bit now and Styles has been one of the names kicked around. This is a move that could reunite him with his boys from Japan. No disrespect to Smackdown but Styles deserves to be on the flagship show. The potential of matches with names like Rollins and Balor should have fans salivating. It will be interesting see how this plays out after Styles declaration to stay with the Blue Brand during his in ring segment with Shane. My personal belief is that was geared more towards making Styles a face instead of a heel going forward but we shall see. 
Roman Reigns to Smackdown?
Here is the second half of the biggest names that will be switching brands. That overwhelming flock of boo birds at that Amway Center was one heck of a swan song. It took Roman just five words to have one of the best promos that he has ever had. With AJ potentially moving from one brand to another, Smackdown will be lacking a serious star. Roman fills that void immediately and thrusts himself in the championship picture. He can show up and simply say that he has made Raw his yard and now it is time to conquer Smackdown. Don’t worry about that whole promo with Brock and Heyman. Vince is going to cash that check at WrestleMania 34. If nothing else, Reigns will be happy as it’ll allow him to reunite with his cousins. #AhhhYessir

Dolph Ziggler to RAW?
I don’t know about you guys but it was my assumption that Dolph Ziggler signing a new contract with WWE would have meant a push of some sort. Well, the joke is on Dolph and me I suppose. Not even a heel turn could save Ziggler on the blue brand as he spent the winter tag teaming with folding chairs against Kalisto and Apollo Crews. His promos fall on deaf ears and the only reason you’ve heard his named in the last few days is thanks to a non televised match against Nakamura. Ziggler has fallen into Blue Brand obscurity and needs a jolt! Being traded to RAW could help him out and Dolph should be willing to try anything.
The New Day to Smackdown?
The Raw after Mania saw the longest reigning tag team champions issue and an open challenge. Corey Graves and everyone was thrilled to see the Revival answer the call and New Day ended up eating their open challenge words. Much like Styles, the New Day had been kicked around as one of the nominees to be on the move with a roster mixup. The tag team division on Smackdown is really the worst of what WWE has to offer. An upgrade to the tag team division on Tuesday nights is imperative and I see this is a step in the right direction. RAW has a lot of competition at the top of their tag team roster. On top of the talent level, Enzo and Big Cass are more than over with the WWE Universe and could shoulder the load as the top babyface team on RAW without a problem.
Nia Jax to Smackdown?
This is a move based on personal opinion rather than word of mouth. Nia Jax has been booked strong lately but still isn’t quite on the level of her Raw counterparts. This is a move that allows Nia to get a stranglehold on a woman’s division that is more within her reach. She can takeover the Smackdown’s women division and eventually carry that momentum back into Raw. One thing is certain that no matter where Nia ends up she is going to need to be in matches for more that a minute or two. She needs the exposure! I could see her stepping in and immediately beginning a program with current Smackdown champ, Naomi. 
Becky Lynch to RAW?
This is more like wishful thinking for me but we shall see. Becky has done a good job of elevating the division on the blue brand. She clearly helped elevate Alexa Bliss inside and outside of the ring during their winter feud. Naomi looks as if she could handle the role of top face on the blue brand so they won’t skip too much of a beat there. The rampant rumors of Sasha Banks turning heel would allow for Becky to step into Raw as one of the top faces on the show. Selfishly, this would also present the opportunity to have a fatal four way with the four horsewomen that would undoubtably blow the roof off of arenas. 
Sami Zayn to Smackdown?
For me, this is a move a lot like Nia Jax. Sami needs to be able to spread his wings and Raw doesn’t completely provide that. Basically he takes a lot of bumps and continuously finds himself back in the ring with Kevin Owens. A move to Smackdown allows Sami the opportunity for a fresh feud besides Owens and Braun. Imagine an eventual Intercontinental championship program with an up and coming heel like Corbin. I understand Dean is the current champ but he will drop that title soon to head back up to the word title picture. This allows Sami an opportunity to build up some equity before heading back to Raw down the road.

Sasha Banks to Smackdown?
This would eliminate my four way four horsewomen dream but it’s still a possibility. If you remember just prior to last years draft, Sasha expressed via social media that she would love to be a part of the Smackdown roster. Obviously that didn’t happen as Sasha went on to RAW and proceeded to have one heck of a year with Charlotte. Fans have been waiting to see if Sasha will turn heel for a few weeks now. If their intent is too keep her a babyface for the time being then maybe it would behove WWE to move Sasha to the blue brand. It would just further strengthen a women’s division that is doing well for themselves. If the long winded plan is for Sasha to turn to heel then I would say that RAW is where she should stay. 
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