Previewing History: Women’s Money in the Bank Match

This week on Smackdown, the rumors proved to be true and we were given some huge news. The news is that at next month’s Money in the Bank PPV we will have the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match! It came about after the fatal five-way #1 contender match that never was as all hell broke lose before the bell could even ring. Smackdown has consistently found a way to get as many women on a PPV card as possible since the brand split. The announcement of this match continues that trend.

The confirmation of the match is huge news for the women’s division, however, it is disappointing that there will not be a Women’s title match at a PPV for the second month in a row. There are still a few weeks until the PPV so things could change. Potentially a returning Nikki Bella or a debuting Lana could stake a claim for the title in the meantime.

Unlike most men’s Money in the Bank matches which usually have one or two clear favorites, the first ever women’s match has several women who can realistically end the night with the briefcase in hand. As noted above, there is still time for the aforementioned Nikki Bella or Lana to maybe find their way into the match but for now, I will discuss the women who are confirmed thus far.


The leader of the Welcoming committee comes into the match in a strange position. She is one of the better in-ring workers in the division but without any real momentum to speak of. Similar to Dolph Ziggler on the men’s roster, Natalya is a superstar whose main role now is to put on good matches with up and coming superstar’s and help them get over.

Expect her to be a key part of the match. Her ring work will help to keep the match from relying too much on big spots with ladders. That could be a move WWE wants to make since the match is new to nearly all of the women involved.

Ultimately Natalya does not have much of a chance of coming out of the match with the briefcase. She is more suited to being one of Naomi’s challengers over the next few months to get the current champion over, as opposed to having an almost guaranteed title win.

Becky Lynch

One of the most popular women’s wrestlers on either roster, Becky Lynch comes into the match as one of the early favorites to win. She has been in and around the women’s title picture on Smackdown ever since the brand split. A win would keep her in the thoughts of the champion and any challengers in the coming months.

Having been one of the few women trusted in high profile gimmick matches so far, it is very likely that Lynch will be involved in a lot of the matches big spots. Possibly going through a ladder or two.

Lynch winning the match opens the possibility of the long talked about heel turn for the Lasskicker. Having her tease a cash in for the next few months before finally turning on Naomi would be a great way to solidify a turn. A turn of that magnitude would provide instant heat for the Lasskicker.


Tamina has been extremely unfortunate over the last few years. Multiple injuries throughout the years have had her spending long periods on the sidelines. The injuries have also hampered her in-ring career relegating her to an enforcer role whenever she is actually fit.

She comes into the match with a very specific role. She will be the monster that will swing ladders, throw around the other competitors and cause as much damage as possible. It’s a role that has been served by the likes of Kane over the years in the men’s matches.

Although she is probably the least likely to win the briefcase, a strong showing could do a lot for Tamina. If she stays healthy it could start a run for the second generation superstar that could have her become Smackdown Live’s answer to Nia Jax.


Carmella comes into the match as a natural fit to carry around the Money in the Bank briefcase. She is the type of sneaky heel that the concept was designed for. It is that thought that will have many seeing her as a darkhorse.

We’re sure to see interference from her sidekick James Ellsworth, possibly costing a couple of the other competitors the briefcase. Hopefully, this would lead to Ellsworth being put through a ladder himself, something that would surely generate cheers throughout the Scottrade Center in St.Louis.

WWE seems to be high on Carmella going forward but at times she does struggle to get a strong reaction. Having the briefcase in her possession would certainly help matters and the inevitable cash in on a vulnerable champion would earn her some much-needed heat.

Charlotte Flair

The Queen’s arrival on Smackdown was what set the chain of events that lead to this match. Jealousy of her getting an immediate title shot lead to the formation of the Welcoming Committee. That formation allowed all these women to get involved in regular programming. All of that culminated in the fatal fiveway this week that never got a chance to start.

As with Lynch, Charlotte is one of the few women to be in such a high-risk match. With that in mind she is likely to be part of the more exciting moments of the match. Her athleticism will certainly come into play and don’t be surprised to see her pull off a moonsault in a big spot.

A win for Flair would almost certainly mean a return to her heel persona. She has been a babyface by default for the last few weeks. This was done purely because of the feud with the Welcoming Committee. Carrying the briefcase however, would allow her to revert to her cocky and over confident ways. From there she can isolate herself from the likes of Lynch and Naomi again.

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No matter which woman comes out of the match victorious, the announcement of this match itself is as important to the continuation of the Women’s Revolution than any other match. Thus far we have only seen the likes of Flair, Sasha Banks, Lynch and Bliss in high profile gimmick matches. This is a show of faith to the rest of the roster that Women can be part of main event level matches.

If the match is a success it could lead to more big women’s matches down the line. Maybe a women’s Elimination Chamber or even a Royal Rumble between the main roster and NXT women. There are many possibilities for the division and the announcement of this match is another vital step forward.

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