Luke Harper: Booking Blunders

For months now, Luke Harper has been out of site and out of mind. It wasn’t until late into an episode of Smackdown Live on October 10th that we would see the former Wyatt family member. The jubilation from Luke Harper truthers was just as short lived as the promo itself.

It was presumed throughout the dirt sheets that Harper was being repackaged. It was hoped by most that he could be thrust into a fresh storyline as a fairly different character. In actuality, he was really just being prepped to have his character regurgitated to the WWE universe. Luke Harper, for the umpteenth time was side by side with Erick Rowan. But now, despite Rowan still clinging to his lame mask, they are no longer to be referred to as the Wyatt Family. At first glance that appears to be the only difference in Harper’s repackaging. Now they are known as the bludgeon brothers.

Just to backtrack a bit, for a while now, Harper was always believed to be one of those guys who could pull off a big singles push. Most folks thought that was the plan when Harper became involved in a number one contender feud with AJ Styles. With it being as close to WrestleMania season as it was, the thought amongst fans was that Harper would come up short and he ultimately did.

Shortly after being phased out of the number one contender picture, Harper would need a new opponent. That opponent would make his presense known on an episode of TalkingSmack. It was one of the most awkward, uncomfortable, and strange promos as Erick Rowan would sit down with Renee Young and Shane McMahon and call out his former partner in crime. Eventually the two would square off before falling off the face of the wrestling earth.

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Now this is what I don’t understand. Isn’t there a better way to repackage Harper? Is there a clause in the Harper’s contract that he must be joined at the hip with Rowan? I was under the impression that Vince McMahon loved a big man with athletic ability. Lord knows that Harper fills that role.

What would have been smart would be to have Harper go on a reign of terror. To begin dismantling SmackdownLive talent. Almost something to the effect of Braun Strowman but on the blue brand. Better yet, as Strowman will be in need of a new feud, why not have Harper head to RAW. Strowman and Harper both have the atheltic ability to put on better quality matches than what Strowman was doing with Big Show during some of those classic RAW encounters. There would be no better way to see if Harper could survive in shark infested waters.

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Moving him to RAW does seem a out of the realm of possibility but how about a face run on the blue brand. If it were me booking the blue brand, I would make Harper a face and put immeadiately put him into the US title picture. The encounters that he could have with Baron Corbin would be very entertaining. Corbin is despised enough by the WWE universe to immeaditely put over Harper.

That ship appears to have a sailed and now the Bludgeon Brothers will prepare to battle the tag team division on the blue brand. It is hard to envision a scenario where they overthrow the Usos or New Day to take the tag titles. I think the most expected scenario that will come from all of this will be for Rowan and Harper to eventually violently part ways and fight one another.

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As much as fans don’t want Luke Harper to fall completely into the wrestling abyss, is there a real difference between that and him teaming with Erick Rowan. Until Harper fully breaks away from his Wyatt family ties, no one will fully take him serious.

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