If They Were In WWE Today: John Morrison

John Morrison was a busy old guy in WWE. He was first seen on Tough Enough, that old reality programme that brought us stars like The Miz, Josh Matthews (great) and…. Maven (the one who eliminated the Undertaker from the Royal Rumble that time). Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Tough Enough may have been entertaining television but in terms of a place to manufacture stars, not so much. All you really need to know is that Morrison was a joint-winner and in 2003 joined OVW, signing a developmental deal.

Fast forward a year and he pops up on RAW as Eric Bischoff’s bratty assistant. Fast forward another year and he is one half of MNM, a tag team that were entertaining, but not exactly top class superstars. To avoid boring you with the details, they won the tag titles from Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio within 3 months of their main roster debut, continued as a successful tag team for around two years and eventually ended their tenure by being drafted onto separate brands courtesy of a kayfabe firing. For those of you reading that don’t know what kayfabe is, he was definitely fired for real, like honestly, I wouldn’t lie to you.

Here comes the slightly more interesting stuff. Still as Johnny Nitro (which I realize I failed to mention in the above paragraph, oops), he was drafted to ECW, won the title, changed his name to John Morrison, changed his look, lost the title and ended up teaming with The Miz. The two were a compelling self-centred duo, and it really showed Morrison as a consistent and good performer. This tag-team helped get Morrison over in a big way and eventually, 5 tag-team titles with 2 different partners later, Morrison was ready for his first run as a face, and his first real push.

He won Intercontinental titles, started to become a fan-favourite, the WWE was Morrison’s oyster. In 2011, he finally got himself to the main-event scene before injuries meant he fell down the card. However, through it all Morrison still managed to put on consistently above-average matches and really started to become a figure-head in how a superstar can build himself up from literally no experience.

He then left in late-November of 2011 and has never been seen on WWE programming since.
So 6 years later, where would Morrison fit in?

The truth is, Morrison wouldn’t be anything more than a mid-carder nowadays. With people like Balor, Zayn, Owens and Styles on the roster, there really isn’t a gap for someone of Morrison’s calibre in the upper-realms of the company. With that being said, there’s no way he wouldn’t be able to put on high quality matches. Guys likes of Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro all come to mind. He’d be a good mid-level champion to have to help put over other, younger talent whilst also being able to portray both a heel or a face. Hey, I’d be all for seeing the Miz vs Morrison all over again, especially with the progress the Miz has made over the last year.

All in all, there is definitely still a place in the WWE for the Shaman of Sexy. Given that there was no bitterness in his departure, I’m sure the door is wide open for a return. Book him correctly and you’ve got a star of the mid-card. If you book him incorrectly, you’ve ruined what could have been a worthwhile comeback, but that’s WWE, and we all know that you can’t even predict next week’s RAW, let alone who’ll show up in the future.

Writing credit goes to Nathan Sartain
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