Hell in a Cell: ATL Mike’s Predictions

20 years ago on October 5th, two demons made their debut in a WWE ring. One was a future hall of fame big man and the younger brother to The Undertaker, Kane. The other debuting demon wasn’t a WWE superstar, it was the structure called Hell in a Cell. It is a cell that has caused serious damage to many superstars. Legends like Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, Mankind, and Triple H are just a few of the names to experience the wrath of the cell. On October 8th, Hell in a Cell will now look to unleash that wrath and take some of the finest blue brand superstars to the limit.
Let us kick off the predictions with the kickoff show match as the Hype Bros will take on Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable. Funny how Gable and Jordan were separated as a tag team to focus on their singles careers, only to have Gable end up teaming with a former tag champion. I expect this match to do one thing, entertain the crowd and get them pumped up for the PPV itself. I’ll give the win to The Hype Bros as they can hopefully start a run.
Randy Orton facing off against Rusev is a reaffirmation of two things for me. Firstly, Orton’s talents are being wasted as a face in such a pointless feud. Secondly, unless WWE changes their ways with booking, the ship has sailed with Rusev. This match will likely be another disappointing chapter for Rusev and his fans. Looks for Orton to hit an RKO out of nowhere as he’ll seal the win. Don’t be surprised to see a Randy Orton, Aiden English program in the future. If the ship is indeed sailing on Rusev, it’ll be interesting to see just where he goes once this feud ends.
On the Women’s side of things, Natalya will defend her title against the Queen, Charlotte. Now that her father is on the mend, Charlotte has made her return to the blue brand and is right smack dab in the title picture. Be sure to check her book below. If Natalya is able to retain her title, it is almost impossible to envision her doing it in clean fashion. I’m leaning towards Charlotte winning her first smackdown title but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she will leave Detroit with the title. That’s right, I think this will be an opportune time for Carmella to cash in her money in the bank contract. As the Women’s division continues to heat up, it’ll be interesting to just who Paige feuds with first.
In yet another chapter to the growing legend that is the New Day, Vince McMahon’s favorite tag-team will battle the Usos for the tag titles inside hell in a cell. With the WWE title on the line and AJ Styles on the card, it is sort of surprising to this writer that the tag team championship would be one of the matches contested inside the infamous cell. That being said though, both of these teams should be inspired by the No Mercy tag title match and will be looking to put on a show. The booking of the tag titles is looking more like a game of hot potato so, with that in mind, I would not be shocked to see the Usos win back their titles. Let us not forget the report that Vince is looking for the New Day to become the winningest tag-team of all time.
With all of the HIAC matches going on, Dolph Ziggler taking on Bobby Roode is one of the matches that I’m looking forward to the most. It’s obvious Bobby Roode will get the win, right? I’m going to go against the grain here with the thinking that Ziggler grabs a cheap win. This will ultimately be a match to set up a rematch and continue their feud. It definitely has the match of the night written all over it.  Ziggler can perform with anyone and was predicted by this site to be Roode’s first program.
When most people have a problem with their boss they go to human resources. Kevin Owens is taking the road less traveled as he heads to Hell in a Cell to confront his boss Shane McMahon. This match will be fun to watch. We will likely have a classic Shane spot. On top of that, Kevin Owens will sell the bumps well and do his thing. This really should be the main event as the title match won’t be as memorable. My prediction for this match would be a Shane McMahon victory. Expect to see Kevin Owens take to the ring on Smackdown and cut a promo on his excuses for losing. Don’t be surprised to see this feud bleed into Survivor Series.
Also on the card, AJ Styles will defend his US Title against Baron Corbin. This writer feels as if the Lone Wolf continues to be in the doghouse. I don’t know how long Corbin will be grounded for but either way, I like AJ Styles to retain. I’m not a big fan of this feud as to me, Styles belongs in the WWE title picture. The phenomenal one is the best wrestler on the roster and is easily better than Jinder Mahal.
Stay tuned to Wrestling News Pro! Next month, I will be doing a piece on the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob!
Finally, we get to Shinsuke Nakamura who is looking to overthrow Jinder Mahal and capture his first WWE title. I think he’ll dominate the match and have Mahal on the ropes before ultimately coming up short in the end. There are reports that there is a tour coming up in India with very high tickets prices. Just like Vince likes to push Roman Reigns down our throats, he likes to do the same with Jinder Mahal. I think Jinder will drop the title after the tour and go off into mid-card obscurity. Jinder will win this Sunday thanks to outside interference. This match should definitely be mid-card. I would like to see Nakamura win but I don’t see it happening. This looks like a solid 6/10 PPV.
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