The Graves Family Stable: Potentially a Juicy 2017 Storyline!

For the past couple of weeks, pieces are falling into place and the plot continues to thicken. Enzo Amore has been the victim of backstage attacks for multiple weeks now. Corey Graves has been receiving inside information while Kurt Angle and Big Cass continue to conduct searches of their own. The search to find out who is responsible for these beatdowns continues on. The safe assumption after the first attack was that the Revival was behind it. Shortly after Enzo was found laid out, the Revival was spotted exiting the arena during a Sasha Banks interview. The following week the Revival was questioned during an interview and were almost insulted at the notion that they would even waste their time on Enzo.

Big Cass’ partner would wind up being attacked yet again. That same night, Big Cass would confront Corey Graves at the announcer’s table when he thought Graves had insinuated that Cass took part in the Enzo attacks. Graves was able to talk himself out of a beatdown of his own and Cass would storm off.

Even this past episode of RAW saw Big Cass being the one to take a beatdown. Enzo would wind up teaming with the Big Show to take on Gallows on Anderson. Following their win, a less than congratulatory Big Cass would seem skeptical of Big Show’s intetnions.

Now I have a thought…

Every time we turn the calendar to June the WWE seems to unleash a juicy storyline on the universe. Sometimes it comes in the form of Triple H and other times it is something along the lines of Nexus. Imagine if that sexy storyline in 2017 was the birth of a new faction. That new faction could form as Enzo Amore finds out the hard way that his attacker has been his partner the whole time.

The Queens native could then align himself with a medically cleared Revival and we now have an intimidating three man group on our hands. It is the heartbreaking story of a beloved tag team and the birth of a new dominant heel. We all know how Vince loves guys with size and lord knows that Big Cass fits that bill. Cass could take on one of the bigger faces in the company while the Revival can immediately interject themselves in the tag team title picture.

That isn’t all though folks!

Who could have been the mastermind behind the scenes throughout the build up to this new faction? Who could be the one to lead these men into an all-out assault on the entire RAW roster? Corey Graves is that man.

Imagine the world with a new manager like Bobby Heenan! 

With good reason, Graves has often been referred to as the greatest heel announcer since Bobby the Brain Heenan. If folks are already making Hennan comparisons, would anyone think it is that crazy to have Graves take on the same sort of role as the once iconic manager? Sure the faction would need a more trendy name suitable for the times but this could be a formation that resembles the Heenan family from the late 80’s.

  Graves would be more than capable of fulfilling his announcer duties and could then escort his stable to the ring. It has been an incredibly long time since someone has been able to play double duty between announcer and manager duties. Would anyone dare assume that Graves couldn’t be that guy? I think not.

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This is a heel faction with instant credibility and heat. The 25-35 male demographic would be all over t-shirt sales and you’d be hard pressed to find one man to take on this stable. The potential creation of Graves family stable is beyond intriguing and an idea that this writer hope comes to fruition.

Writing credit goes to Michael Hauff
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