Battle for Hollywood Supremacy: Goldust vs. The Miz

Lights, camera, action!

The final act appears to be underway for one of the longest running WWE stars today. In May, Goldust would take his first steps towards the limelight as he would attack his then partner R-Truth on RAW. It may have been perceived as nothing more than a time filler to a three-hour show until one week later. ¬†On the next episode of RAW, Goldust would deliver one his classic promos from the director’s chair. It would be the Goldust that we had come to know and love as he would be quoting movies. The heel turn is real and something noteworthy should come out of this for such a deserving superstar.

He is ready for his closeup!

In the hopes that this isn’t just a long drawn out way of separating himself from R-Truth, where does Goldust go once he finishes off R-Truth? Goldust, as previously mentioned, is one of the longest running superstars in the WWE. His debut match on WWE programming came more than 20 years ago when he battled Marty Jannetty at an In Your House PPV back in 1995. For this writer, there is only one way to go. If the man in the director’s chair is preparing for his final act then he needs to take aim at the A-lister and his intercontinental championship.

I’m not alone in this assessment as you can see from the Heel Report on Twitter

Goldust is no stranger to the Intercontinental title as he has won the title three times in the past. His first IC title win came back in January of 1996 against Razor Ramon. In April of that same year, the IC title would be vacated until Goldust would defeat Savio Vega on RAW. The third and last time that Goldust would get his hands on the IC title would be again on an episode of RAW back in 1999 when he defeated the Road Dogg. His proclamation can be that his final act would not be complete without tasting the thrill of IC title glory one last time.

The Miz isn’t just a nobody in this Goldust run as he has built a resume that commands some respect. Standing behind only Chris Jericho, the Miz is one of the most decorated Intercontinental champions of all time. The match would already have the necessary weight to it but the Miz’s pridefulness in being the most must-see superstar will most assuredly play a role. We are talking about two superstars who pride themselves on the bright lights of Hollywood. This is a program that has many roots to it and that will only further the success of this feud.

Now, a solid Hollywood script needs certain elements to build a compelling story. We have our main character who is making one last run in the sun. We have our decorated champion and advisory in the Miz. The Intercontinental title will hang in the balance but there is one more aspect that could really make this story pop, a leading lady.

Back in the 90’s, it was Marlena, with a cigar in hand she would walk Goldust to the ring and serve as a helping hand when needed. The leading lady in this final act without question is Maryse. The former diva’s champion could serve as the pawn in Goldust’s game of mind tricks against the Miz. The beginning of the Maryse manipulation is as easy as her finding a gold dress in her locker room. The ball could roll from there and we now have our twist in the story. The insertion of Maryse into the storyline could allow for Miz to add another layer in his promos as he isn’t just defending his IC title, he is protecting his wife from the persuasive ways of Goldust.

This is a feud that is fitting for such a long tenured superstar like Goldust. It needs those little touches to serve the history of Goldust’s character. Let’s see the glittered gold fall from the sky as his music hits. His Hollywood star with his name should grace the WWE ramp. Maybe even the inclusion of that iconic wig and robe. Goldust is no longer comedy in this scenario and commands to be taken seriously. It will be the little things in this potential feud that will truly make it a memorable one.

The Battle for Hollywood supremacy between Goldust and the Miz is well worth the price of admission.

The Miz is the ideal opponent and would elevate the enormity of the match with each passing promo. People can be as critical as they’d like towards the most must-see superstar but his work towards the build to a match is some of the best work that the company has to offer. The Miz and his incredible work lately would do justice to one of Goldust’s final runs in the limelight.

Writing credit goes to Michael Hauff
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