Five Potential NXT Post-Mania Call-ups

Writing Credit goes to: Nathan Sartain
It’s the biggest week on the wrestling calendar, not only is there Wrestlemania but also NXT Takeover, the now acclaimed PPV style event that the WWE developmental put on. However, if last year is anything to go by it will be the last time we see some of the stars of NXT featured over there, as the Raw and Smackdown’s after Wrestlemania will more than likely feature some surprises. So without further ado, here are my picks of potential stars to be promoted to the biggest heights in wrestling.
Elias Samson
This is the one that is happening. Samson lost a ‘loser leaves NXT’ match this past Wednesday and given his WWE deal still has a couple of years left, all signs point towards a main roster call-up for the drifter. Freshen up his character, focus on his aggressive style and you should have a great mid-carder at your disposal.
Given she’s already been traveling and touring with the Smackdown roster for the past 2 weeks, Asuka looks like a shoe-in for a debut on the blue brand in the next couple of weeks. Should she drop the belt this Saturday I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the undefeated one debuts as quickly as Tuesday.
The Revival
Honestly one of the best tag-teams around right now, if the New Day go over to Smackdown as currently planned, former NXT Tag champs The Revival should definitely debut on Raw. They’d be able to put on some great matches with the likes of Enzo & Cass, Sheamus & Cesaro, heck even the Shining Stars (ok maybe not that last one). Whatever brand they end up on, Dawson & Wilder should receive a monster push, as it won’t be hard for them to get over.
Pete Dunne
Here’s my long-shot. Pete Dunne AKA The Bruiserweight AKA the second coming of William Regal completely won me over in the UK Championship Tournament and has remained consistent. Given he’s a favorite over here with us Brits, we’d all love to see Pete on the main roster. He may only end up a midcarder, but the guy has proven he can go and will definitely be able to have quality matches with anyone on either roster. Come on WWE, make it happen. 
Shinsuke Nakamura
The obvious one, I know. Nakamura will definitely debut soon. He’s the most over person in NXT and will get a monster push right into the main event scene no matter where he ends up. With time and injuries not on his side, now is the time to pull that trigger on the main roster call-up and put  Nakamura on the run of his life. That WWE title sure would look good on him.
So that was that, agree? Disagree? Whatever your opinion make sure you leave a comment, follows us on twitter and more importantly check out the podcasts, they’re a must for wrestling fans. As for me, I’ll see you around, enjoy Takeover!
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