Emma Released: My Thoughts On The WWE

They say that anything can happen in the WWE. Apparently, they also meant that at any time, anything can happen. This proved to be the case just yesterday as the WWE announced that Emma was being relieved of her duties. Also on the same day, the WWE also came to terms with the release of Summer Rae and Darren Young. Much as their careers in WWE though, their release was overshadowed by something much bigger.

Immediately, the internet voiced their frustrations over the move. Emma was a superstar that had built a fan base dating back to her earlier days on NXT. This, after all, was the same woman that would wrestle Paige for the right to be called the first-ever NXT Women’s champion. When she had said that she was responsible for the start of the Women’s revolution, she may not have been that far off. Later on in the day, Emma would release a tweet of her own but unlike the thousands of tweets that came before, Emma would send the biggest message of all with just one emoji.

It is a bit of a sobering move for the fans and it couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time. Just one week ago, Emma would take Auska to the limit. She didn’t do it just once, she did it twice, at TLC and the next night on RAW. Though she would tend to ultimately come out on the losing end, Emma was beginning to see more and more opportunities. As previously mentioned, she won a match to have the right to face Auska in the first place and was even in a Women’s title match at No Mercy.

Given her recent run over the last month or so, it begs the question, just how or why someone like Emma would find herself being released? If this is a move done solely by the desire of WWE officials, the timing makes absolutely zero sense.

So, let me get this straight…
You build up Auska with each passing promo as some unstoppable force. The announce team proclaims that she is going to lay waste to the rest of the women’s division. Then at her debut, she doesn’t squash her first main roster competition. As a matter of fact, you have her wrestle an almost 10-minute match against someone who was on the chopping block. Not only do you do it once, you do it again the next night on RAW. How does that help better anyone?

This move makes about as much sense as the WWE having Finn Balor go over AJ Styles at TLC, only to have him be squashed by a 50-year-old part-timer the next night. Without any further explanation, these are jaw-dropping moves in the worst way possible.

The news could eventually come out that this decision may have been prompted by an unhappy Emma. If that is the case, it would at least explain the abruptness of her release but it still raises another concern. With the recent stories coming out about superstars like Neville and Nia Jax walking out, is WWE beginning to see a mutiny among their talent? We have stated here that someone at Neville’s level should have had more opportunities. Maybe the talent agrees wholeheartedly.

Is the road less traveled, by folks like Cody Rhodes, becoming the more desireable road? There always seemed to be this fear among the wrestling world that if you aren’t in the limelight of WWE, you may have fallen into the wrestling abyss. Perhaps the successes that Cody Rhodes is achieving has prompted the question, is there a real reason to fear walking away?

Let’s all face some facts here, the WWE may have rid themselves of one problem when they bought WCW but it was always mentioned amongst fans that they likely created a new one. After that move, they were the biggest spot in town. You couldn’t get to the top of the industry without lacing up your boots for WWE. The problem that came with that is having too much top talent and not enough time to showcase them all.

Eventually, someone was going to get ticked off enough over a lack of exposure and walk. The moment that happened (Cody Rhodes), it registered with every other frustrated superstar that there is still hope out there. It is possible through social media to heighten your exposure, travel the world, perform on bigger and small stages to achieve success. Then, it won’t be you seeking the attention of WWE, it will be the other way around. Yet another prime example would be current NXT champion, Drew McIntyre.

WWE will always be that stage where superstars want to end up. Guys like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, and Adam Cole are examples of that. They could have been anywhere in the wrestling world but they wanted to be in WWE. That being said though, others in the wrestling world who may not be at their peak, could be realizing that they don’t need to sit around by the catering table before getting their call in WWE. You may not need to be on the WWE payroll to grab that proverbial brass ring. There is another way to achieve success and it is going out and making it on your own. Daniel Bryan will be one of the next to do it.

So if Emma did, in fact, ask for her release, god bless her. If she chooses to take that same road as Rhodes, she has the unquestionable talent to do it and do it well. If Emma truly wants to be back in a WWE ring one day, she will be. Emma is that damn good and may very well be part of a new revolution.

Writing credit goes to Michael Hauff

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