Drew McIntyre: The Re-Chosen One?

Written by: Nathan Sartain
Finally, a surprise in the wrestling business! On Saturday just before the main event of NXT TakeOver, the camera moved to one Drew Galloway, making way to a massive pop. It’s been a long time since Galloway was in WWE and honestly at this point it’s hard to even associate him with the company anymore, but he’s back, and whether it is to give NXT some main-event talent or just make sure World Of Sport Wrestling doesn’t acquire the UK’s hottest talent, the Scotsman is back.
What does the future hold? Here is my summary on the career of the real pride of Britain so far and what NXT and beyond may have in store for him.
The Beginnings
I will be starting in WWE because I’m not an accomplished wrestling journalist that has mountains of knowledge, the now named Drew McIntyre was given an instant push. He made his debut as Vince McMahon’s ‘Chosen One’, instantly giving him a massive push and propelling him to an undefeated run. In the midst of this McIntyre won the illustrious Intercontinental Title from John Morrison. However, this was about as far forward as his monster push would end up, as instead WWE went down the confusing route of having him lose and then have the losses disregarded, before booking him to lose to The Undertaker. Make sense to you? Me neither. He then lost his title, fell down the card, had a storyline regarding his Visa expiration and failed to catch a break, wonderful.
Continuing his streak of being in no-mans land, McIntyre ended up teaming with Cody Rhodes, win the tag-titles and then completely dissolve as a team after losing to Otunga and Cena (The Nexus). He then shuffled further and further down the card until he ended up at his career low-point, comedy act 3MB.
I really don’t want to go into much detail about 3MB, I hated them, I hated the gimmick and couldn’t wait for it to end. Basically it was a jobber trio that ruined McIntyre and ultimately led to his release. 
Drew Galloway
Thank God. This was the making of Galloway. Returning to his old ring name, Galloway started making a name for himself everywhere, and by everywhere I mean predominantly Evolve, TNA, ICW and more recently WCPW. He won titles everywhere, he got over, he became the top British star in wrestling. This was the Drew everyone wanted, this was the Drew everyone needed. It seemed like Galloway was going to be the prime example of a guy that left WWE to make a name for himself, and never came back. That all came to an abrupt end though.
With Jarrett taking over TNA, Galloway refused a new deal citing late and delayed negotiations as the main reason. Later in March, World Of Sport Wrestling was announced, so the speculation began that Galloway would make a surprise return to a TNA-ran show so he could be the figurehead. 

NXT And Beyond
WWE had other plans for Drew Galloway, signing him to a 3 year deal on the 1st April. Obviously I’m joking, McIntyre made his shocking return as an unexpected crowd member during TakeOver, before announcing later on he had unfinished business and had signed to NXT under his WWE ring name of Drew McIntyre. So what does the future hold?
Chances are he’ll be elevated to the main-event scene straight away and put into a program with Bobby Roode which will probably culminate in a title win. After this I expect him to feud with the likes of Kassius Ohno and possibly even Roderick Strong before heading back to the main roster.
Upon his main roster return, he’ll be an upper-midcarder. He should be a main-eventer, but as made clear by his first run, McMahon’s company hasn’t always had complete faith in him. If he can make a name for himself though, that could all change quickly, as McIntyre has the potential to be a top-guy in the company, face or heel.
In short, the future is bright for the man from Ayr, Scotland. If WWE can get it right then they have a money making star on their hands, get it wrong and it’ll be yet another missed opportunity the biggest wrestling promotion in the world didn’t quite get right.
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