Dolph Ziggler: Same Old Situation

For years now, Dolph Ziggler fans have been a frustrated bunch. No matter if it was a feud with the Miz or a spot in a MITB ladder match, Ziggler’s strongest supporters have impatiently waited for more. After rumors of a move to Japan and weeks of going unused on Smackdown, the Showoff finally appeared. It was the Smackdown after SummerSlam when Ziggler would show up and do a quick backstage segment. He message was that he would be doing some new soon.

It was the Smackdown after SummerSlam when Ziggler would show up and do a quick backstage segment. His message was that he would be doing some new soon. The new attitude for Dolph has been less bravado and more frustration.

Over the last handful of weeks, Ziggler has come out and claimed to be the best in-ring performer that the company has to offer. While he has continued to claim to be the best, we have seen him do anything but wrestle.

Dolph has delivered his point by coming out and recreating several fan-favorite entrances. We’ve seen superstar entrances from today such as Bayley, and we have even seen him mock legends like Macho Man and the Ultimate Warrior. The Showoff’s point is that the fans are more concerned with the look than the product itself.

While Ziggler may have a point, this angle really isn’t anything new for the WWE veteran. 

If you break down this apparent new persona, it’s really just a more elaborate way for Dolph Ziggler to vent his frustrations. No matter what point Ziggler was at in his career, his heel turns have always been based on a lack of respect. The only difference now is that his frustrations are aimed more so at the fans for being blinded by the bright lights rather than the uninspired suits in the back.

The hard truth here is that the end result will be the same…

Ziggler nowadays is used as a way to put over new talent. His biggest supporters will tell you that he is used in such spots because he can put over anybody, it isn’t earning him a serious push. After Baron Corbin won the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal, Dolph Ziggler was his first real feud. When Shinsuke Nakamura showed up on Smackdown Live, Ziggler was the first to greet him.

The reports have suggested as much but it shouldn’t take an Einstein to figure out that these weekly temper tantrums from Dolph are leading up to a match with Bobby Roode. At some point soon, Ziggler will look to recreate Roode’s glorious entrance. Roode will obviously be quick to respond and we will have a match set up for the Hell in a Cell PPV.

The real question is where will Dolph Ziggler go once he loses to Bobby Roode. While it pains me to say this as a Ziggler fan, I think the best option for the Showoff is to leave the WWE. If you’re a fan of wrestling outside of the WWE, you would know that there has been a trend as of late. That trend has been disgruntled or fired talent from WWE going out on their own and rebranding themselves. Wrestlers such as Drew Mcintyre and Cody Rhodes have traveled the world to show what they’re capable of.

The clock is ticking on Dolph Ziggler’s career and this could be his best possible move. Leaving the company can help him breakaway from the stale repetitiveness that he has been stuck in. He can begin to rebuild his image and show his true worth. It isn’t difficult to imagine a scenario where Ziggler puts on a Bullet Club shirt and superkicks the night away with the Young Bucks.

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Did anyone envision Cody Rhodes winning a major title in WWE? No, of course not. Not even Cody envisioned that and that is why he asked for his released. Since that time, Cody Rhodes has gone on to become a Champion for Ring of Honor. Dolph Ziggler is no different. He has immense talent and isn’t going anywhere in WWE right now. Perhaps leaving the company and rebuilding his career is the best way for Ziggler to make it in the WWE.

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