British Strong Style – Part 2: How to Book the Next Big 3

You’ve read part 1, but here’s part 2 of our British Strong Style piece. It is time that I step forward, pretend that I am qualified enough to book professional wrestlers and do it. Hopefully, you agree with it, and if not, oh well. Much like part 1, we’ve already got your website click.

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To start with, I’d put them on the RAW brand. Smackdown is full of young talent with potential and RAW is in dire need of a faction. Also, it fits in with a plan I have for them later on. Basically, to start with I’d just make them look as strong as possible without wrestling. Have them interfere in Goldust vs R-Truth matches and attack the likes of Bo Dallas backstage. They’ll do this until they encounter their first threat, Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil. Given that BSS have attacked both heels and faces at this point, they’d be the faces going into the match, and it should be a short match with only Seven & Bate competing and winning. Have it in a PPV and then post-match have a beatdown, announcing BSS on the main stage.

After this, I’d just make sure they continued a streak of squash matches with post-match beatdowns, eventually turning them heel around the time of Summerslam. As they’re still relatively fresh at this stage, I wouldn’t properly pull the trigger on them just yet, but I’d let them have a main card match in Brooklyn. They would still be undefeated, so I’d have them go up against a face team of 3 (Enzo, Cass, and Kalisto) and ultimately earn a decisive victory. Sound good so far? Hopefully.

Summerslam – Survivor Series

Following on from this, the formula would be simple. For the next couple of months, give them Strowman-like levels of needing competition. They could refuse any sort of match unless they’re given what they deserve, a tag team title shot. Angle would allow them a match at whatever the September RAW PPV is as long as they earn it by beating The Hardy Boyz, who would have dropped the belts to The Revival. This would be the first loss for the trio, with Seven eating the pin. Given Seven is the oldest member, I’d have Bate and Dunne turn on Moustache Mountain, believing that his age was holding them back.

For the next 2 months that can be the feud, with Seven on the losing side consistently. After the feud, he can be a solid mid-carder, but sorry Trent, you’re not cutting it for my bigger plans. As by this time we’ll be in November, I’d put the remaining members in a big inter-promotional tag match with hopefully a better booked American Alpha. It’s the win that propels Dunne and Bate and completes the second part of my plan.

Survivor Series – Royal Rumble

From here on, I’d put them in the tag title picture firmly. Have them win a #1 contender match on the Roadblock equivalent PPV, and then insert them into a feud with The Revival. It’d be an excellent clash of hard-hitting styles and most likely they could produce magic in the ring. At the Royal Rumble, BSS take the belts, and the feud can continue for a week after for the rematch, but the heel vs heel dynamic can’t work through to Wrestlemania.

Royal Rumble – Wrestlemania

Just to spice things up, I wouldn’t just have the tag titles defended at Fastlane. I’d have Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate in a triple threat with the current Intercontinental champion and have Dunne win. Then afterward, they could defend the titles against a team like The Club. The Club would be close to winning, but then a mystery interference causes only a DQ victory, meaning the titles stay with BSS. The mystery man? A repackaged Trent Seven, clean shaven and meaning business. BSS the faction are reformed.

This then ties in with my Wrestlemania plans, as ultimately Seven and Bate would defend the tag titles against The Club using the Freebird rule. This would give them two a massive Mania victories, allowing Dunne the chance to star in a big match of his own for the IC title against Jeff Hardy. Dunne would also score a big win and all 3 members would stand tall on the grandest stage of them all. Each of 3 with a title in New Orleans. It’d be the perfect way to book them, and by this point, all 3 of them are bonafide stars.

So agree, disagree, think you can do better? Let us know and thanks for reading.

Writing credit goes to Nathan Sartain
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