Updated: Brilliantly Booking Braun Strowman

WWE officials deserve a pat on the back for the booking of Braun Strowman!

It has been quite a journey for the 6’8 monster among men. Before he was turning over ambulances, Braun was a proud member of the Wyatt family. Before his stint with the Wyatt family, he was one Adam Rose’s rosebuds. Whatever the case may be though it is clear that Braun is a major player today. Vince McMahon has attempted this before with big men and it unfortunately hasn’t always panned out. Ryback turned out to be a worse investment than the XFL but luckily for Vince, he has gotten from Braun exactly what he hoped for from Ryback. His booking brilliance has been a healthy mix of good decision making along with being at the right place at the right time.

Braun was like a runaway train throughout the winter months. He had graduated from squashing two or three jobbers at a time and began a feud with Sami Zayn. From their he inserted himself into the Owens and Reigns Universal championship program. He had been making his presence felt often on RAW and especially at the Royal Rumble. His head of steam though took a turn for the worst in early March when he lost clean to Roman Reigns. The night after that loss, Braun took to the ring to call out Reigns. Instead of Reigns though, Braun ended up standing face to face with the Undertaker. The monster among men did a complete 180 from how he would normally handle things as he slowly backpedaled out of the ring. Falling a bit further into after thought territory, Braun found himself in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. Not only did he fall into the battle royal, he lost quickly. After his uneventful WrestleMania he ended up confronting Brock Lesnar on the RAW after mania. The crowd was ready for a thrown down until yet again, Braun backed away. The runaway train that was Braun Strowman was now making all local stops. His character’s impact was beginning to look a bit like a seesaw until the superstar shake up edition of RAW.

The beyond loathed Roman Reigns was about to do a one on one interview with Michael Cole but like an RKO, Braun came out of no where. He would throw Roman around like a rag doll and give him the standard backstage beatdown. The standard beatdown was escalated as Braun would wheel a stretched Reigns off of a truck bay. It then went from escalation to being one of the most discussed topics of the night as Braun would turn over the ambulance that the Big Dawg was stretchered into. The chats of ‘Thank you Strowman’ would ring throughout the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum as Reigns fans watched in horror. The Reigns Resistance has blossomed into a Braun Bromance. It is unclear just where this Reigns and Braun feud may go but one thing is clear. WWE officials invested all of Braun’s stock last night in a vicious beatdown of a man that is vilified by the universe and the payoff may be astronomical. Taking advantage of the obvious heat on Reigns made Strowman believable and beloved all at the same time. The ambulance attack was so well done that fans actually began a petition to have Braun fired. It was a petition that I ranted about and you can read that by clicking here.

The strong booking continued this past Monday night on RAW when Braun would square off once again with the Big Show. Their previous meeting on RAW was a big moment for the two superstars and this week surpassed that by leaps and bounds. For the third time in Big Show’s career, a match concluded with him being superplexed into a ring that would give way. Everything down to the referee fall was perfect and forget the flavor of the week, the ending to the Strowman and Show match will go down in history as one of most iconic conclusions to an episode of RAW. It serves as yet another feather in the cap for WWE officials and their booking of Braun Strowman.

To be fair though, Braun isn’t just a pawn that WWE is using to piggyback on the Reigns Resistance. He is a full fledged athlete that is able to adapt to whomever he is in the ring against. He has kept up with likes of Reigns and has gone blow for blow with the Big Show. His athleticism and look has him exceeding in every which way that Ryback fell short on. In a perfect world, this beatdown would send Reigns to the blue brand so that the monster among men could put Brock Lesnar in his crosshairs. Unfortunately Brock is a deadbeat title holder so we will have to wait on that. He has managed to escape WrestleMania purgatory and remain one of the most talked about superstars on the flagship show. That sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident. Braun is the real deal and is potentially looking like one of the most well rounded big men the company has unleashed since Kane. It has taken Vince McMahon a long long time but he finally has found his big man.

The Reigns Resistance has blossomed into The Braun Bromance!

Writing credit goes to: Michael Hauff 

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