Let it Be: Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor

The Battle of Bray and Balor is upon us!

One of the most intriguing aspects to wrestling is its theatrical side. From dimming the lights to ominous promos, a little bit can go a long way when you’re captivate an audience. For the longest time it was the Undertaker who was the alpha male in pro wrestling theatrics. He undoubtably has had an aura like no other. To superstars whom are growing a reputation for theatrics, Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor are preparing to embark on a feud. It is a feud that could potentially have wrestling fans glued to their television sets. While this may have fans with sky high intrigue there is an equal amount of trepidation along with it.

The sole reason for fans concern is the booking of Bray Wyatt. His booking has always been a bit of a conundrum for fans but this most recent run for Wyatt has his biggest supporters scratching their heads. Bray Wyatt was involved in a long running program with Randy Orton that dated back to the fall of 2016. While his first ever championship win came out of this program, his last two encounters with the Viper were disappointing ones. Their WrestleMania match seemed to fall on deaf ears and shortly after that came the superstar shakeup. The results of that shakeup would see Wyatt moving to RAW and Orton going into a program with Jinder Mahal.

The superstar shakeup would shake the Orton and Wyatt program to its core. What was supposed to be the climatic ending to their program wasn’t done any justice as the House of Horrors match would be anti-climatic more than anything else. It was important for Wyatt to go over on Orton and to do it clean. The tail end of their program couldn’t be completely saved but a clean Wyatt win would help give him a running start headed into RAW. Without going into great detail, the House of Horrors wasn’t all that captivating and Wyatt would win thanks to the help of Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers.

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Therein lies the justifiable trepidation for fans headed into this Bray and Balor Battle

They always say that competition has a tendency to bring out the best in others. Matching these two, the demon king and the eater of worlds, could propel their characters to almost mythical heights. Some fans who believe Bray’s character has been tarnished could have their faith restored. Meanwhile for Finn, his Balor Club could soar to new heights. So while there may be some booking angst, these two men on paper have the potential to produce the most theatrical of feuds in quite some time.

The story really does write itself. Bray Wyatt has come to RAW to take down demon king. It would begin as Bray would have a message for Finn following a victory against Jinder Mahal. It would then bleed into this past weeks #1 contender match for the Intercontinental Championship. With the eater of worlds costing Finn a chance at the intercontinental title, he now has Finn’s undivided attention. Starting this Monday on RAW the games can really begin as Bray will begin to push Balor to the brink. That proverbial brink is the demon king.

The Return of the Demon King is coming! 

Eventually the demon king will make his grand entrance and from there the magic can really begin. The entrances alone would be worth the price of admission! Both men’s entrances would most definitely have a jaw dropping and subliminal tone to them. Wyatt as the heel, making his way to the ring as he is surrounded by the light of the fireflies. Finn Balor, the obvious face despite being surrounded in darkness as his creepily crawls to the square circle. It is an intriguing yin-yang scenario between darkness & light and good versus evil. The face to face moment between Bray Wyatt and the demon king will most certainly deserve a ‘holy shit’ or ‘this is awesome’ chant.

As if this matchup doesn’t sell itself enough already, both competitors are terrific workers in the ring. The storytelling is there, the ring work is there, WWE officials need to just let these boys off their leashes. It felt like WWE had a good thing going with Orton and Wyatt and seemed to overthink it in the end. This feud now could serve as a writing for WWE officials, for Wyatt’s sake, to sort of rewrite the wrongs of the past.

For Balor, this is the best possible feud for him to be involved in without the Universal Championship. This feud here does need a house of horrors match. It doesn’t even need video projections of insects crawling in the ring.It just needs the characters of Bray Wyatt and the Finn Balor to do their thing.

Please WWE, do not screw this up!  The Beatles said it best, Let it Be. 

If they are given the opportunity to really sink their teeth into this and be themselves, this feud could turn out to be one of the bright spots for WWE in 2017. Yes, I say that as we sit in early May but these two are great by themselves, together they could make absolute magic.

Writing Credit goes to: Michael Hauff

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