Kurt Angle vs. Jason Jordan: The slow burn to WrestleMania?

On RAW, the truth had finally been revealed. After weeks and weeks of build up, it had finally come to this. The RAW general manager would make his way to the ring to deliver an earth shattering announcement. One that would shake the very core of the company, or so we were led to believe. The wait was over and the announcement was made that Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son! It is sometimes difficult to keep that perspective that in the land of twitter that is unconditionally calling for CM Punk, this is still a soap opera. That means that you should expect the unexpected along with a dash of ridiculousness.

One has to wonder what this all means though. Was this an outside the box way of splitting up American Alpha. Considering they just broke up Enzo and Big Cass in dramatic fashion, another tag team imploding may have seemed like overkill. Perhaps it was done as a way to showcase Jason Jordan on a bigger platform than Smackdown Live. For as elaborate of storylines that WWE has to put together, they have also shown in the past that they don’t necessarily need a reason to make a roster move like this. Jason Jordan is no John Cena but look at how easy it was for them to slap the free agent tag on Cena without any explanation. At the end of the day, we’re just marching to the beat of Vince McMahon’s drum.

It is with that sort of mindset that I’m thinking this Jason Jordan move means more than what meets the eye. That this could be a part of a bigger picture. That big picture could potentially be a WrestleMania match between father and son. That’s right, Jason Jordan against Kurt Angle in New Orleans.

First things first, this serves as one of those typical curveballs from the WWE. We have been proven wrong before and shown that their destination is not the most obvious one. Look no further than when Samoa Joe won the #1 contender match against the likes of Roman Reigns and Finn Balor. Twitter almost exploded that night and folks were glued to RAW the next night. This is a typical under the radar swerve while everyone believes the easiest possible scenario for an Angle return match is to have him square off against Triple H.

It would also be a pretty smart move. WWE for a while now has been looking to book multiple main event caliber matches at the showcase of immortals. Both Kurt Angle and Triple H each bring that main event feel to whatever match they are in. Splitting them up rather than having them square off against one another just adds to the number of main event matches at Mania. Kurt Angle could wrestle a return match against Hillbilly Jim and it would sell. Jason Jordan will not hurt his return match value. Fans can hate this match idea all they want but if Angle wrestles, they’ll watch.

The other aspect to this is that the WWE has been investing time in their storylines to build towards the bigger pay-per-views. Investing in certain feuds or storylines has proved to be successful as of late. Look no further than WrestleMania 33. Long storylines like Jericho and Owens as well Rollins getting his revenge on HHH would deliver bigger payoffs. Despite their tail end of their feud falling vastly below expectations, you could also couple the Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton feud into that equation.

This big reveal could ultimately turn into a match that is around 9 months in the making. This will obviously be nothing but a feel good story out of the gates. Jordan will continue to work his way up the RAW card as Kurt Angle will tip-toe that fine line between general manager and father. This could lead to a point a time in which Angle doesn’t want show favoritism towards his son. Maybe it is booking him in a fatal four way when Jordan feels he deserves a one on one match. Or overturning a controversial finish to one of Jordan’s matches that would cost him something of relevance. It doesn’t take much to plant a seed in the WWE.

Once Jordan attacks Angle it could a similar shape to Bret and Owen Harts WrestleMania X build up. Angle could play the role of Bret who takes that stance that he refuses to wrestle Jordan. WWE could play it up that getting Angle back into the ring won’t be easy, that it’s going to take a lot.

Jordan could take on the role of Owen Hart as the aggressor and be demanding that Angle fights him. One promo will lead to another and eventually, the Olympic gold medalist will snap. He’ll accept Jordan’s challenge and the stage will be set for a five-star wrestling match in the Superdome. That’s right, five stars. No matter how ridiculous of a storyline this is, Jordan is legit in the ring.

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The video package leading up to the match will be exactly what WWE gears towards. Tugging as much as they can on the heartstrings of a pro wrestling fan. The two would exchange ankle locks and put on a clinic infront of 70,000 plus. The only thing in question here is just who would come out on top.

If they’re looking to build Jason Jordan through the main card and want a big payoff, this is it. So what do you think? Does this sound like a possibility or is Wrestling News Pro lost its mind? Let us know!


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