5 WWE Women’s Tag Teams

The Women’s revolution continues to roll on as this Sunday as history will be made yet again. St.Louis will play host as 5 Women from Smackdown will do battle in the first ever Women’s MITB match. If you listen to our podcast, which you can check out by clicking here, you would know that at one point this weekend’s match was one of my 5 suggestions for WWE. Another suggestion I had in regards to the Women in WWE was a tag-team division.

The Women’s Revolution is alive and well! 

Some may suggest that although some of the Women collect dust on their respective shows, a tag division may water things down a bit. Between the upcoming Mae Young Classic and the crop of talent in NXT, this may just be crazy enough to work. The only hope here is that if it does come to fruition, they have nicer looking titles then the men do! Here are 5 duos from the main roster that could be Women’s tag-team champions.

Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

No matter if the current RAW Women’s champion wants to or not, it appears that she is on a collision course with Nia Jax. All of that aside though, the real-life BFFs would serve as one of those classic heel teams. Bliss runs her mouth while Jax does the dirty work. Think of it as Shawn Michaels and Diesel or Jericho and Big Show. It is that trash talking on one end and strength on the other that would have these two ladies operating on their strongest qualities. The script is already written for a heel team like Bliss and Jax. Bliss would continuously take her dominant partner for granted until Jax would get fed up. This team has dominant tag team champs written all over them!

Nikki & Brie Bella

I’m aware that Brie Mode is currently in Baby Mode but she has said that following the arrival of her baby girl that she’d like to make a comeback to the ring. Perhaps by the time she gets back, this tag team title suggestion could be a reality. This could help add a bit of longevity to Nikki Bella who continues to deal with her neck issues. Much like in the past, these sisters would likely do their best work as a heel tandem but at this point in their careers, they’d play the babyface role. Granted this is contingent on a Brie return but this team seems like the most likely of all the others.

Bayley & Sasha Banks 

Here are the two ladies that have apparently fallen out of favor with Vince McMahon. Maybe that is the best sales pitch for Vince, put them together if you don’t enjoy their singles runs. Perhaps during their tag run, they could restore their credibility in their boss’ eye. This would likely be the biggest of potential babyface female tag teams out there. They already played best of friends while Bayley was in her feud with Charlotte so there is already on screen chemistry. This would also give Sasha the opportunity to handle the promos so we could get a break from Bayley talking about this is her dream. Safe to say that would likely help both of their causes. Who knows, maybe this is how we could get that Sasha Banks heel turn that we all want. Just make sure you don’t ask her about that turn, she hates that.

Natalya & Charlotte

Some may have wanted Charlotte teaming with the Thelma to her Louise, Becky Lynch. That sounds nice and all but Charlotte is a true blue heel. Her pairing with Natalya is probably the closest thing we could get to a female’s Evolution stable. The partnership easily comes together due to the fact that they are the two most genetically superior Women in the company. I could already envision a tag name making reference to Hart and Flair. Most importantly, Natalya could get some much-deserved gold around her waist!

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Alicia Fox & Emma

This is the darkhorse female tag team folks. While other teams have reasons to be paired, these two don’t really have a rhyme or reason to come together. Regardless of that though, these two might be one of those teams that the internet wrestling community roots for the most. Alicia Fox has the best northern light suplex and scissor kick among all the in-ring talents employed by WWE today. The thing with Emma is that she has spent so much time injured that folks may not be aware of how could she really is. Make no mistake though, the Aussie can kick ass. This is an opportunity for both of these ladies to use their pairing as a way to get a head of steam into eventual singles runs. This one team that I would love to see form.

So what are your thoughts on these potential teams? Feel free to leave or comment, hit us up on social media, or utilize the forum.

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Writing credit goes to Michael Hauff
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