5 Future NXT Champions

Now that Nakamura, the shining star of NXT has left for the main roster, a massive gap has been left in the main event scene. Yes the recent acquisition of Drew McIntyre helps the cause for a top star greatly, but a talent like Nakamura can’t be replaced with just one person. With that being said, there are some fantastic, perhaps overlooked talent already at NXT, and I’m here to give my opinion on five people currently on the roster that could be future NXT champions.

Eric Young

Head of cult-faction sANITY, Eric Young has managed to get himself over in a big way since joining the WWE back in 2016. Whilst he may be in the mid-card at the moment, there’s no reason why EY can’t propel himself forward the next time a face wins the gold.

Roderick Strong

A terrific talent and strong-style athlete, Strong has been majorly under-utilized over in developmental. He might not be Mr.captivating when it comes to his promo work, but allow him to get his in-ring work completely over, and you’ve got a star on your hands. In the words of his own movement, it’s Roddy vs the world.

Killain Dain

This guy is massive. He’s got the look of a monster, the move-set of a monster and just appears to be unstoppable. Once he inevitably departs sANITY, he should turn into the heel that simply can’t be defeated, eventually winning the strap in convincing fashion. From there you can make sure he doesn’t lose, keep him strong, fresh and exciting and then whoever does finally defeat him will automatically have a higher status.

Drew McIntyre

It’s the obvious choice, but god-damn is McIntyre good. He looked polished this week on NXT, and is a cut above the rest of the roster. Put the belt on him, put it on him now.


Hideo Itami

KENTA, OH MY GOD KENTA WAS SO GOOD IN NEW JAPAN. Shut up. Hideo Itami is talented yes, but he is my last resort for the NXT Championship. He isn’t reliable with the amount of injuries he’s sustained over the last couple of years, but when fit enough, he does put on a five star match. You can risk him if you want, but I’d rather not.


*Honourable Mention: Kassius Ohno – I love Kassius Ohno. He’s a great wrestler, awesome personality and a terrific all-rounder. However, I just don’t see the belt being a good idea for him right now, but give it a year and it all may change.

Writing credit goes to Nathan Sartain

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